COVID19 has changed the manner in which individuals work from one side of the planet to the other. The requirement for social distance has made proficient communications not so much physical but rather more virtual, and working from outside an association's grounds is presently ordinary. Such changes in business situations might cause new network safety dangers to rise, or realized dangers to change, and associations need to guarantee that their representatives know what should be done in these circumstances. 


Instructions to further develop the security familiarity with workers during the pandemic


Recognize the most significant data security chances your workers are presented to; 


Recognize lawful prerequisites the association should satisfy in regards to insurance of data; 


Think about how to convey your message and how the substance should be expounded; 


Characterize the objective gatherings' profile; 


Foster the security mindfulness plan.


Where ISO 27001 services in Bangalore has the highest ISO standard for information security management, helps organizations provide security  training to their employees at the best cost and effort to provide people with accurate and useful information on how to identify and handle cybersecurity risk situations. Let's see how we can make it happen. 


What is security awareness training? 

 In short, security awareness training is any activity with the purpose of making people understand why security is needed. For instance, it does not explain how to perform the backup; rather, it explains why backup is important for a company. 

 Its main characteristics are: 

 It does not go deeper into processes and methods (when needed, it includes references to policies, procedures, or other materials that may be consulted later); 

 The content / duration is brief (e.g., a one or two page document, or a five to 10minute presentation); 

 It focuses on specific situations in each session (e.g., social engineering, malware, backup, phishing attacks, acceptable behavior, etc.).


Security challenges during the pandemic 

From an ISO 27001 certification services in Kuwait information security point of view, work changes due to the COVID19 pandemic (e.g., the introduction of remote work, an increase in web tools usage, etc.) have brought or increased challenges to the protection of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, such as: 

 Control of organizations information on personal devices (e.g., laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.); 

 Access control to internal systems from locations that organizations have little to no control over (e.g., employees` homes, hotel rooms, etc.); 

 Provision of enough capacity for required communications services (e.g., for video conferencing, secure remote connectivity to systems, etc.); 

 Support of employees with different information technology and information security skills. 


While the first two bullets are mainly treated by means of technological solutions, and the third one by means of proper internal capacity planning or security clauses in contracts or service agreements with providers, the last one mainly relies on security awareness training, because it is the employees` behavior that needs to be shaped.

How to improve your remote employees` security awareness during the pandemic 

 ISO 27001 consultant services in Bahrain mandates that people who can affect the performance of information security need to have the proper knowledge, skill, and experience. Additionally, according to ISO 27001, security controls must be based on relevant risks and applicable legal requirements.  


Considering that, in order to improve the security awareness of employees working remotely (e.g., working from home, or working from other places, like hotel rooms), you first need to identify the most relevant information security risks they are exposed to, as well as any legal requirements (e.g., laws, regulations, or contracts) that the organization must fulfill regarding protection of information. 


 For instance, the most common risks related to remote work are social engineering, identity theft, and device theft. To learn more about the threats and vulnerabilities to keep track of when working from home, download this free Checklist of cyber threats & safeguards when working from home. Examples of legal requirements are the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

So we focus on the most pressing issues and optimize our resources. Read the following article for more details. Does GDPR apply to my company? 

 Once you have identified the problem that needs to be addressed, you should consider the following: video, live presentations, etc.), 

 audience profiles - eg managers, developers, finance staff, general staff, etc.


Compelling security begins with great mindfulness 

The pandemic has made work from home for all intents and purposes standard, requiring laborers with a wide range of data innovation abilities and Internet conduct to meet through video meetings, access frameworks through VPN, and impart through courier applications. 


This better approach to work together has expanded the assault openings for cybercriminals, and associations need to attempt to guarantee the association's security rules are likewise trailed by individuals working outside of workplaces, expanding the significance of safety mindfulness training. 


Nonetheless, mindfulness preparing should be instructed methodically, to guarantee that the appropriate data is sent, expanding the fundamental comprehension on why to handle hazards, and staying away from the deficiency of data in the progression of everyday correspondences. What's more, for this, the deliberate methodology of ISO 27001 can assist associations to convey the right data with advanced expenses.


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