Since the release of New World, players have been eagerly exploring the game’s island settings, upgrading and making better equipment. New World attaches great importance to its production mechanism, players need to spend a lot of time and New World Coins to research and improve their trading skills.

In contrast to weapon skills, trade skills cover all skills related to non-combat crafting in New World. There are 17 divided into three categories. Players can get raw materials from the natural world by using five collection skills. Next, the player uses five alchemy skills to convert those raw materials into usable resources. Finally, players use seven crafting skills to turn refined materials into various equipment and items. Players who want to have better tools or materials in these three types of skills can choose to buy New World Coins.

The five collection skills of mining, tracking and peeling, fishing, logging, and harvesting can be known by the name that they are aimed at collecting different resources. The gathering function may be the trade skill that players use the most in New World. Because resources are scattered on the island of Aeternum, players can constantly gain new materials, whether they are on missions, PvP or just exploring. Players gain experience points by using collection skills or buying Amazon New World Coins. Therefore, the more resources players collect, the faster they can level up.

After players collect raw materials in New World, they need to process them, mainly through smelting, leather making, weaving, woodworking and Stonecutting. Each skill performs preliminary processing on different collected resources. Players can also gain experience points by using these skills. If players New World Coins Buy with a higher-level formula, then using skills will get more experience points.

The last of New World’s trade skills is production skills, which represent the final stage of the production process. Just like gathering and refining skills, New World’s production skills can be upgraded by using skills or buying New World Coins, so players can practice more and be more proficient. Through the use of crafting skills, players can have powerful weapons, food that is conducive to restoring life, potions with magical effects, and furniture.