Diablo 2: The Resurrected is now available. A lot of players are racing into play the Rogue Encampment Act 1 in their quest to kill Andariel. Just a little later in Act 2, the Horadric Cube is now available and will stay in your character throughout the rest of the game. It is among the most powerful tools that your character has. It lets you create items, upgrade runes and gemstones sockets, items, and more using the Transmute button. It can be carried on your person or it is able to be stored in your stash; either way, it operates similarly.

 Here's a list of every single one of the Horadric Cube recipes (except those employed for crafting at the end of the game and those require a guide of their own) that you'll need to master Diablo 2: Resurrected.

 How to use the Horaric Cube

 Drag and drop items onto the Horadric Cube to use it. If there's enough space it will automatically placed within the cube. Right-click on the cube in order to open it. Drag and click objects between cubes and your inventory. Dropping the cube will instantly move everything inside the cube into your main inventory. This includes everything you don't have room for dropping down to the ground. The cube can be stored in your inventory, or even in your local stash. To convert items in the cube, press the button to transmute, which is accessible only when the cube is open. Your character will inform you if there are invalid items inside the cube or in the event that the recipe isn't possible.

 Items will be Identified by Cain in the Horadric Cube.

 A single Horadric Cube cannot be picked up by the same person and it's impossible to place one cube in another.

 The Horadric Cube can be passed to those who have not found one yet, like "mule" characters that want them for extra storage.

 If a cube is lost, a new one is available from level 3 of the Halls of the Dead, in Act Two or if you do not have one at the time The Council is killed, ( Act 3, Quest 5 ) another one will drop.

 To make Crafted Items and the following recipes, you'll require the Horadric Cube.

 This page lists all current Horadric Cube recipe. Horadric Cube recipes were frequently included in patches and the functions of some recipes was modified to provide greater game balance after the release of the original game.

 It is possible new Horadric Cube recipes could be included following the launch of Diablo 2 Resurrected.

 Horadric Cube Recipes

 Secret Cow Level

 Diablo 2 Wirts Leg

 Wirt's Leg + A Tome of Town Portal -> Red Portal to the Secret Cow Level

 The Rogue Camp (Act One) must be used to prepare the recipe.

 To access the portal, a person must first defeat Diablo in D2C or Baal in D2X.

 Characters who have received credits for killing the Cow King at that difficulty level might not be able to open the portal (but could pass through it if someone else does).

 Pandemonium Event

 Diablo 2 Mephisto KeyThese recipes need to be played in Harrogath (Act Five Town) in the Hell difficult game in the Battle.net Realms. They are not available for single player.

 Key of Hate + Key of Terror + Key of Destruction -> Red Portal to either the Matron's Den, Furnace of Pain, or Forgotten Sands. The three portals will appear randomly, but won't repeat if you open them within the same game.

 Baal's Eye + Diablo's Horn plus Mephisto's brain -> Red Portal to Uber Tristram

 pgrade Recipes

 One of the most beneficial attributes of the cube is its capacity to upgrade simple items into more powerful ones. The cube can combine gems, runes and potions along with other smaller objects to improve them.

 Horadric Cube upgrade recipes

 Unique and rare objects are able to be upgraded be of the highest quality through the Horadric Cube. A pair of Magefist unique light gauntlets can be made to become Magefist battle gauntlets by using the correct recipe. These can be "upgraded" (or "upped" according to what Diablo the slang term refers to them) to make Magefist crusader Gauntlets.

 This alters the nature of the item, shifting it from a regular item to one that is elite. For armor, granted bonuses will remain the same but defense (and requirements) will climb. For weapons, bonuses granted by the government will remain, however damage and requirements will rise. This is a possibility for items that are ethereal, however not for runewords and other items you have crafted.

 Horadric Cube special event recipes

 The Horadric Cube is crucial in kicking off a couple of Diablo 2: Resurrected's special events.

 Accessible via a portal, accessible via a portal, the Secret Cow Level can be accessed via a portal, and is a wonderful place to farm items. It can be made by any character that has been defeated by Baal within the same difficulty that they're trying opening the portal. If a character has completed the quest and defeated Baal in Normal difficulty can open the portal on Normal. Be aware that Wirt's leg must be picked up by Tristram and the portal needs to be constructed in Act 1. The portal can be used as many times as you want, but only one can be created per game.

 1 Tome of Town Portal + 1 Wirt's Leg = Secret Cow Level Portal

 The Pandemonium Event, a battle between bosses with mega-boss names, results with the player receiving a desired Hellfire Torch Large Charm. To unlock the portal to a demi boss, keys must be obtained through bosses throughout the Pandemonium Event -- Key of Terror, Key of Hate and Key of Destruction from Nihlathak.

 1 Key of Terror + 1 key of hate 1 Key of Destruction = Portal to Matron's Den Furnace of Pain or Forgotten Sands (random)

 A good tip is to gather three keys for the "key set" prior to beginning. This will help you avoid entering the same portal more than once. Once you've killed the demi-boss in each of the three portals, place the three gathered organ (one drop from each demi-boss) into the Cube.

 Portal to Uber Tristram The portal to Uber Tristram is Mephisto's Brain + 1 Diablo’s Horn + 1 Baal’s Eye

 Uber Tristram bosses can be defeated to get an Hellfire Torch. Due to the time and the effort it takes to finish, it is one of the most sought-after items in the game.

 In addition, the Horadric Cube allows you to create Tokens of Absolution. Tokens are a way to reset your character's abilities and traits. Once you've used up the three free respecs granted by Akara This is the only way to reset your character.

 1 Twisted Essence of Suffering plus 1 Charged Essence of Hatred + 1 burning Essence of Terror + 1 Festering Essence of Destruction = 1 Token Absolution

 The Twisted Essence of Suffering can be obtained from Andariel and Duriel. Mephisto can drop the Charged Essence of Hatred. Diablo is able to drop the Burning Essence of Terror. Baal can drop the Festering Essence of Destruction. Note that this is only available for Hell difficulty.

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