Jidu has made many improvements MT 2K22 to its game and also added a real-time tactical switching in addition to the ability of adjusting artificial intelligence settings for teammates. This allows Jidu to transition from action and real-time strategy games to more professionally-looking games.

If the player is a long-term fan Manufacturers are allowed to make modifications and corrections. Although there will always be issues when the game is launched, 2K Sports will pay an eye to the reactions of the markets and improve their game.

For example for instance, in "NBA 2K19" because the three-point shot is easy to score and score, the game has evolved into a "three-point shooting game." It's easierto score, and the exclusive "touch slam dunk" of the next-generation console can also increase the power of players who are close, which allows players of all kinds to enjoy the full range of opportunities to play.

In addition the defensive skills of the players featured in this particular episode have been upgraded. Blocking has become easier. I've lost count of the number of times a taller player was chased behind by a dribble layup hit the ball in the back. In the end, if we think about the balance of the five-on-five game, there is plenty of improvement to be made compared to the previous series of work.

The biggest problem with the operating system is its complexity and professionalism. It takes time for new players to get used to. Some new players will not be able to study as the games are released every month. It is a system.

The game has NBA2king "Basketball City" game console which adds the thrill of adventure as well as RPG gaming to it. It's also compared with Michael Jordan's "Career Challenge Mode" which is featured in "NBA 2K11" or "NBA 2K19's insane three-point shooting game. The game is not appealing for beginners, or lacks an addictive system that lets veterans be veterans.