Axial piston pumps are ideal for the industrial and mobile industries and are ideal when applications require higher pressures and flow rates. Taizhou Yongchang Hydraulic Machinery has a wide range of piston pump pumps to meet the needs of all industries and customers.

The axial piston pump has a plurality of pistons arranged in parallel with the drive shaft. They can be used as variable pumps or constant (fixed) pumps.

The variable displacement axial piston pump adjusts the geometric output from zero to zero. As a result, they change the flow rate provided to the load. The fixed displacement axial piston pump has a constant output and therefore provides a constant flow at a specific speed.

Features and benefits

Optimized power to weight ratio
High self-priming speed
Wide range of controller options
Suitable for industrial and mobile applications
Application field

Mobile devices
Industrial equipment
Technical indicators

Pressure up to 350 bar
Speeds up to 3000 rpm

Pressures up to 400 bar (5800 psi)
Speed ​​up to 2500 rpm

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