There is a skill called"Fatal Blow" which turns all your attacks to crit damage for 25 seconds. Knowing how to bicycle and maintain abilities for damage is very easy with assassins, these kinds of Maplestory mobile mesos the key words being about crit harm at this time in KMS2, it may make these kinds super strong for damage dealing.Maplestory:Botters Nevertheless an issue at KSH

Yes, it's one of those threads . Sadly this is an issue that wont only go away.I'm a pretty patient person for the most part but getting incredibly restless after viewing no action taken against cheaters because mergers occurred. I've sent in videos and they've been checked.

Almost every one of them reveal clear signs that there's either hacking or even the use of macros. The only thing you buy Maple Mobile Mesos guys have to do is get on the game rather at later hours when the majority of them will be research and sleeping. These men bot almost all day. Some of them all day.

GMs really cleaned up the server. But with the current merge with YMCK, the host has become incredibly polluted with trash. No crime to YMCK generally. I don't refer to you , but 95% of the botters currently on our server came from YOUR server. This leads me to think the majority doesn't give a **** about cheating in your server and totally embrace it.