Focus on the detection of several important parts of the Children Toy mould :

The function of the ejection and guiding parts is to ensure the opening and closing movement of the mold and the ejection of the plastic parts.

If any part of it gets stuck due to damage, it will lead to the production stoppage.

Therefore, the thimble and guidepost of the mold should be kept regularly (the most suitable lubricant should be selected)

And regularly check the thimble, guide column, etc. for deformation and surface damage

Once found, it should be replaced in time

After completing a production cycle, apply professional anti-rust oil to the working surface, movement and guiding parts of the mold.

In particular, the protection of the elastic strength of the bearing parts with gears and racks and the spring mold should be emphasized.

To ensure that they are always in top working condition.

The cooling channel is easy to deposit scale, rust, sludge, and algae, which makes the cooling channel section smaller and the cooling channel narrows.

Greatly reduce the heat exchange rate between the coolant and the mold, increasing the production cost of the enterprise.

Therefore, the cleaning of the flow channel should be paid attention to.

For hot runner molds, the maintenance of the heating and control system is beneficial to prevent production failures, so it is especially important.

Therefore, after the end of each production cycle, the ohmmeter should be measured with the band heater, rod heater, heating probe and thermocouple on the mold.

If there is damage, it should be replaced in time and compared with the mold resume

make a record, in order to find problems in a timely manner, take countermeasures.

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