Yes Cheap Jerseys China , Dear, Just Store it on the Ceiling: Garage Overhead Storage Options Family Articles | January 29, 2009

Lionel Richie may like Dancing on the Ceiling, but that is not possible for most of us. But we can all store stuff on the ceiling! Today there is a wide variety of storage options for your home and garage, including garage overhead storage Cheap Jerseys , where you use your ceiling to store and organize items that you only have to access occasionally. Find out the different options available to see what works best for you.

Just when you think you have run out of storage area, because all of your wall and floor space is taken up, somebody comes up with an innovative storage option. Now, I have to admit that I have heard jokes about putting stuff on the ceiling, but I did not really consider it as a serious option. But somebody did. Yes Wholesale Replica Soccer Jerseys , that is what makes a really good entrepreneur, they take the ideas we joke about and make it a reality, then years later we can say, ?I thought of that!? and regret our missed opportunity.

It seems that lack of storage space is a modern problem, you see storage units popping up all over the place Wholesale Retro Soccer Jerseys , people have sheds and basements full of stuff, and garages packed to the limit. Lets face it, our modern society is filled with pack rats. Some of the stuff we honestly need, some we don?t. But some of the stuff we need, we only have to access occasionally. That is when garage overhead storage options come into play. So what are these items? Here is the list from my garage:

Christmas decorations (or any holiday Wholesale Custom Soccer Jerseys , if that is your thing)Seven years of filed paperwork that we are told to keep ?just in case? (of what, I don?t know, I think it?s a joke that IRS agents chuckle over occasionally. Of course, if you don?t have the paperwork, then the jokes on you!)Bikes stored out of the way for the winter Wholesale Authentic Soccer Jerseys , and skis for the summerCamping suppliesSeasonal clothingFolding chairsFood supplyKeepsake items from your childhood
Of course, once someone figured out a way to store things on the ceiling, many other creative people followed, so there is a variety of garage overhead storage options.

The most obvious solution was to attach a hanging shelf to the ceiling. These shelves are most often made of metal, with the shelf portion like a metal grate so that you can see from below what is stored on it. These shelves are available in various sizes and depth so that you can find just right one for your storage needs. Access to this type of shelf is with a ladder or step stool (if you are already tall).

Another overhead garage storage system available uses tracks that hang from the ceiling. The tracks have an ?L? shape and two sets of tracks are positioned the desired distance apart? so that plastic totes can hang between them.? This works great Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Cheap , and is economical, if you already have files or Christmas decorations stored in plastic totes.? Many of these systems have optional utility hooks for bikes and ladders. These are also accessible with a ladder, and though they can hold quite a bit of weight, they usually do not hold as much as the hanging metal shelves.

Now, if you do not like the idea of having to use a ladder to access your items Wholesale Soccer Jerseys From China , somebody was clever enough to solve that problem too. There are garage overhead storage solutions that are on a pulley system. Most often composed of a 4?x4? platform that can be loaded and lifted up to 12?. You just have to make sure that it is located over a clear space so that you can lower the shelf when you need to get something down, such as over where you normally park your car. Also available on pulley systems are ceiling bike and ladder lifts.

So, take a walk out to your garage and look up. Do you see any available storage space up there?
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Posted by articlelink01 on May 19th, 2017


When it comes to business – quality is everything. Each morning we walk out of our doors in a hope to make it big in the industry and earn our bread well. Well we at least try to! Business is one such thing that needs a lot of care and dedication to make it a success. And hence there is a need to search for the best quality materials, stationary Wholesale Soccer Jerseys China , etc. so that our business reflects the status of the brand that we want to create out of it. And when we talk about our business being a brand there isn’t a doubt that a business card is a must! From being an essential mode of providing just about anyone with the information to get in touch with us to also serving as a great way of creating impression – a business card is a need!

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