Vanilla/classic WoW offers such an WOW TBC Gold ideal chance to revive WoW and continue its legacy. They could even do an OSRS departure that lets us actually look forward to new content updates. It's very frustrating to watch Blizzard do so little for classic WoW generally. The WoW community doesn't receive nearly the same amount of attention as retail customers. I'm quite disappointed.

Blizzard legitimately is no longer. It's a shell company that is owned by Activision with Bobby Kotick money grabbing at every chance. Don't expect anything new, the classic and never to happen. It's going cost money and creativity to create. Take pleasure in TBC and Wrath Maybe you'll get a SOM in the future and then quit. It's not going to get better as there will never be anything new.

It's hard to appreciate the game considering the condition of the game. It's hard to imagine what the game will be like when Wrath is released. It's just a matter of days before blizzard says we can purchase gold directly from them because it's much "safer" and because they know that it's something people would like. I'm disappointed by what they've brought to this game, both traditional and retail. It's impossible to erase my childhood memories of the game, however they will not be able to take that away.

If it were a perfect world, blizzard could clamp down on the third party selling websites and ban every user who is using those platforms. However, they would not incorporate their own gold for cash shop like in retail, something they'll always do. The character boost has been a challenge in the economic system too since not boost any profession and it also gives players the entire resources they need, which is what we can see from the botting issue. What will you do?

This isn't because they can't afford it. It's just why should we pay for a sub-version of content which will not match the experience we had playing it? When they're going to half-ass it and even demand more money. This has turned into a money grab game , which involves hands-on and spoon-feeding.

SOM will experience the same fate as classic because of minor changes. The "first step" does not meet their standards. There are numerous minor changes that take a couple of minutes to implement and could result in significant changes, creating an unforgettable experience. It's simple to cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold say that it's not a blizzard anymore. That's why the OP posting of discontent is still around.