In those four years I was playing at the very least 4 hours per day. It was the best thing about OSRS gold my life. I feel more depressed now than I have ever been after reading this update. So should I play it again or just try and forget the wonderful memories I've made? Should I return to RS 07 The majority of it is subjective. No one who played Runescape at any point in its history can recreate the initial thrill of discovering a new game or content.

That being said everyone has their own favorite game or level of development, so if 07scape is what you want to play rather than the current version, then go for it. Many people felt the same way. While there are still players playing on the server, the initial excitement of "OMG, I miss this so much!" was quickly overtaken by a lot of gamers. In many instances, the engine may have been the older one, but the player's mindset and community have changed irrevocably.

Although there have been some modifications to RS2 & EOC that are irrevocable, there are still ways to improve. I find 07 graphics to be depressing. You, and we, must decide if you'd rather be playing the same game you love or watching the game grow.

Hello all I've got a hilarious story to tell about my ban experience. Some of you may laugh, others might be feeling guilty. I was given a 24-hour ban for botting the previous day. I was really mad about it, despite the fact that I didn’t do anything wrong. I was banned for botting. In any case, I don't know how to bot lmao. I decided to ignore it as it was just for a few hours and I continued with my business.

My bank was scattered all everywhere. JAGEX had taken many of my valuable objects and taken them away as punishment. It was quite shocking. I was mad however I couldn't stop playing. After I took a look at my statistics, my 99 woodcutting is now 97 and my 90 mining is now at 89. All my other stats are to a minimum of two levels... except the thief... that buy RuneScape gold remains at 99 ,.... Now I am completely furious.