New Jordan 2020, The Air Jordan 1 Mid color scheme is rare. For example, in the past few months, we have received a few reveals, each of which is very different from the last time. Here, with its latest GS pair, the contour cannot decide between color and neutrality-instead, it chooses to mix the two together. In the structure, Swoosh and the accompanying brand logo are most prominent due to its "dark red" finish. Followed by the base, each panel is dyed a soft pale pink. Adjacent to it are the shoelaces and outsole, while the midsole and cover layer present a more neutral appearance: the latter is dark black, and the former is pure white.
2020 Cheap Jordans, With the upcoming release of this olive green color scheme, Nike will continue to use the original Be True style color block on Dunk High. Here is the official image of Nike in GS size. This imminent drop with white base and dark green is reminiscent of the similar Dunk High "Cargo Khaki" released in 2017. Although the tones are similar, anyone who owns a pair of 2017 Dunk High Retro knows that the shape is poor. Fortunately, Nike's modern retro has solved these problems, because the shape is exactly what Dunk fans want and need.
Retro Jordan 2021, Nike's "Next Nature" series is aesthetically simple and sustainable, providing the brand and its audience with some much-needed breathing space. Like the addition of Air Max 97, its bullet train-inspired design has been streamlined to an all-white color scheme. Unlike previous products that were mainly black, Air Max 97 chose a cleaner appearance. Bright neutral colors are used throughout the building, distributed in areas where there is little change in mesh, leather, etc. But along the piping extending from one end of the shoe to the other, this pair of shoes uses "sails" to subtly highlight every reflective fixing device.
A few months before its 25th anniversary, Nike Air Max 97 has already seen a handful of original and modern styles. The newly surfaced "smoky gray/medium gray/metallic silver" color scheme adds another grade to the latter group. The mesh and synthetic leather materials of the entire upper are obsessed with gray-scale arrangement, loosely reminiscent of the model's inaugural "silver bullet" style. The upper covering layer closest to the pair of fenders introduces the flair of rainbow colors into the mix. The silhouette and the "metallic silver" on the tongue provide further contrast, while the Air Max unit under the foot has a "colorless" appearance, which complements the foam components of the midsole. Finally, the tread chose a light gray makeup to perfect the gray proposition.