1. The Classic Cow Print

The classic cow print has been a popular print for decades because it’s cute, it’s simple, and it’s versatile. It makes for a great beach cover up, a cute dress, or a pair of shorts. People Are Wearing Cow Print in 2016 (+ 1 Trend Trend from 2015)

Okay, fine, it’s not a new trend per se, but it’s definitely the first to take a predominantly western and black style and inject some funk and rebellious rebelliousness into it. For example, the adidas Ultra Boho collection does a wonderful job of keeping in line with pop culture references — just check out some of the images. en.stylish.com has a great list of ways you can rock the Bull Tail fit.

Sometimes a simple accent is the best way to go. Check out these simple, yet inventive ways to rock cow print accessories. You can mix a print of one of these accessories with a colored twill top. Or, take this trend one step further and pair a bright pink cotton top and a cropped denim jacket.

Everything in between these two looks is completely acceptable, and I love experimenting with different textures when possible.

Even the most boring outfits look better when they have a pop of color and a little bit of style. Here’s proof. Or these equally simple, yet more colorful accessories.

Print is still a very hot item. Next time you hang out with friends, pick up a copy of Zappos’ new adidas Originals Collection. (Seriously, if you haven’t ordered yet, please, go do it now.) Their creative adidas Originals ad suggestion packs are at the ready for the office, and an array of colors and designs make them perfect for almost any occasion. You can check out a sneak peek from the collection over on Zappos.


  1. The Cow Print Dress

I have a black lace dress that I wear all the time. I love it because it makes me feel feminine and sexy, but it’s also easy to throw on and doesn’t require much effort. I like to wear it with a pair of leggings and heels, but I also like to wear it with jeans and boots. In this case, I paired it with the Tiffany blue shoes you see here. You can even layer your favorite pieces over the top, and I always pair my gold jewelry and watches with it. Hey, at least it’s not faux fur that gets soiled!

Like skimping on the cut, the biggest mistake people often make when attempting to wear cow print is the fact that they’re cut much too high. This dress features a high neck fit and jersey knit—but no high underwear —so there’s no chance your partner will be able to come up to your neck while you dance the night away. But if you’re looking for something from the comfort of your home, here are eight creative ways to rock your dainty cow print top.1. Leave Grown-Up Cow Print at the Invisible Sun Workshop

This is a student-led organization in Philadelphia sponsored by its clothing designer Evan McQueen that offers classes designed to introduce women to animal patterns and to the power of dyeing their skin black, red and gray. I saw an ad for this at a creative event in New York City, and I was instantly like “yes!” themselves. I can always imagine a crowd of belly-dancing cow strip-grooms at a hot, summer dance party — that’s what this class was for me! Not only is it educational, you get to see real, live animals, which is something that few high school classes offer these days. I put on a black leather hoodie and black boots and soaked up that sweet, sweet smell of raw hide. You can see me in my photo up top, performing the “town square dance” for class. Take a load off in these buff and stinking wildness and get after it, you feel good!2.


  1. The Cow Print Backpack

The Cow Print Backpack is available in 3 colours.  It's available in Black, Black/White and the White/Black.  It's available in 2 sizes (S and L).  It's made out of polyester.  It's got a padded laptop compartment.  It's got a water bottle pocket.  It's got 3 compartments. Cow tank. Cow tee. Cow vest. These are just a few of the trendy clothes cow print is turning heads of this time. Worn by royals, entrepreneurs, designers, and everyday people, cow print is hot because it’s unique. It has an edge. It’s instantly recognizable and instantly relatable. It’s the garment that says, YOU, and you alone are responsible for this statement. (And yes, riding a cow helps, too.)

Here’s the secret about cow print; it’s versatile. You don’t have to look too far to see a cow on a tee. You can see a side of a cow on a jacket. You can see a cow in the detail of a dress. Now, you don’t have to wear a cow print item to make it unique, however. It’s more of a statement made adjustment to a garment. A slight crop to the fabric, some side-tucking, or pleating will give your piece edge. It’s less bold, bolder, and more fun, softer, and more approachable.

Traction gear takes the lead in the desert.

The only thing that stops a storm from raging is the planning. The only thing that keeps the water out of the well is knowledge. Well-thought-out footwear has the power to turn an ankle, and treadmills are free to stick, make a noise- we did it to ourselves all those years ago. The cow print biker brings a pair of her awesome leather gloves to use as traction gear. Yes, you can use it as regular, regular cow print gloves. If you want something more unique, slip on a pair of stylish cow prints, or get creative with prints like this. Sneakers are a good option as well, but we prefer non-boot footwear, better for damaged, wet feet.


  1. The Cow Print Belt

When my grandfather passed away, I inherited his belt. Although it was thin and worn, I held onto it because it was my grandfather’s belt. One day I was walking down the street and saw a guy with a belt on that I liked. I asked him where he got it and he said, “Oh, on the internet.” Needless to say, I was intrigued, especially given what bold fashionistas were stripping down in public. It actually made me want to look up the same guy’s profile. I was overwhelmed by the power of fashion to heal. ZEUS ZEYNECK

It’s no secret that this circle of stylists and celebrities are leading the way on showing off our love of cool apparel and accessories. Nerd and fashionista Zeye Netherlands wanted to put a powerful spin on cow print with the help of these style rebels, so they disguised themselves as cows — complete with Doc Martens — and walked down the street in Los Angeles shirtless. Making a statement while still maintaining a fun attitude (and looking darn good doing it), they were able to shock, stun, and please. Whether you’re black sheep or are buckled into spotless attire, now is the time to show it off.

Known for her chic and sassy style, this comic book and graphic-design enthusiast didn’t let fashion’s power to heal get in the way of her creative inspirations. She had a cow on the mantle of her house (she and Friendgiving) and outfit ideas were born. With this chic ensemble, she perfectly channeled all of the feelings surrounding cow print — warmth, strength, courage — plus a little sunshine and fun. Given the current fashion landscape, wouldn’t you want to be sexy, fashionable and fit in with these characters on a daily basis (especially since RuPaul’s Drag Race came to an end last night)? PATRICK MCNAUGHTON

If we’re being honest, we’re probably jealous that this fellow doesn’t have an entire wardrobes to show for it, but he did pull it off (and look, bedrooms are always nice).


  1. The Cow Print Leather Jacket

I'm looking for a leather jacket but I'm not sure what style I should go with. What do you recommend? (I'm thinking dark, leather, short sleeves, accented with white polka dots)

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