We can see that the new 360 Wigs looks smooth, and that each hair is well-organized and nutritious.But after a few days of using it, it suddenly became Frizzy. So why is hair like this, and how can you improve Frizzy?

Do 360 Lace Front Wigs Get Frizz?
360 Lace Wig needs moisture to stay soft and keep off dryness. Dry hair is easy to frizzing due to deprivation of moisture. It will form tangle and break hence hair loss. Naturally hair from the scalp gets nourishment, while wigs lack the same. But that should not be a worry; what you should to do is purely condition your hair regularly and get the break you deserve.

Why 360 Lace Front Wigs Get Frizz?
Since 360 Lace Front Wigs do not grow naturally from the scalp, they cannot get enough moisture. Constant styling and a lot of blow-drying could lead to dryness hence the formation of tight knots. Improper maintenance is the leading cause of frizzing. Your hair needs conditioning, as well as deep conditioner.

How To Improve Frizzy 360 Lace Front Wigs?
First of all, use the correct tools. Wide-tooth combs are usually the best for detangling hair. The wide-ranging spaces help remove the frizz easily, just like you could run your fingers through your hair to make it smooth.

Then Leave-in conditioner. Conditioning your wigs is one of the best way to save your hair from frizzing. Whenever you wash your hair, the most importand is leave-in conditioner. Use the conditioner to get rid of the dryness, and that marks the end of frizzy ends on your human hair wig.

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