The Screw Elevator originated in Europe and is ideal for duplex buildings and stacked villas. In European countries, mainly villas with more than two floors, which is one of the reasons why screw elevators are used more in Europe than in China.

Why is the family installing screw-type home elevators more worry-free?

Why are imported screw elevators suitable for installation in private homes and villas?

  1. The safety of the screw elevator is higher than other driving methods, and the unique occlusion structure can ensure that the ladder will never fall.
  2. The civil construction requirements are low. Due to the unique driving method, the screw-type home elevator does not need to dig the bottom pit, so it can be installed in the case of civil engineering wells, stairs, in the middle of the wall, even in the high-rise duplex building.

3, the volume is light. The imported screw elevator adopts aviation-grade aluminum profiles and comes with an integrated aluminum alloy shaft.

  1. Small footprint. The screw elevator has no counterweight, no car, no machine room, no top height requirement, small size and less space.
  2. The structure is simple and flexible. One of the four faces of the screw elevator shaft is the equipment surface, which can open the door on three sides to meet the installation environment of different floors inside the villa.

6, screw elevator speed is safe. Some people say that the speed of the screw elevator is too slow. In fact, I want to say that he doesn't know how to do it. If the old man who is old and the heart is not good, the screw elevator will not suddenly brake, and the bottom of the elevator will fall directly from the top floor. Happening.

In addition, the lift height of the screw elevator is limited, suitable for general private home installation below 6 floors; the price of imported screw elevator is relatively high, so I hope everyone can choose according to their needs.