Sometimes, we don't like the changing of 2k22 mt the logos of our favorite teams. Some of us may like the old, vibrant logo of the San Antonio Spurs. Other players might prefer the Charlotte Bobcats court. There's a mod to fit every court. Rebranding is more frequent as are court reforms. We have a few uniforms that we'd like have our players wear which aren't in NBA 2K21.

While the Golden State Warriors did not be victorious this year in the title race However, we should acknowledge Stephen Curry for this incredible season. Curry was the season's point leader, helping the Warriors climb to the eighth position. They fell short in the Play-ins to their rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers. The Memphis Grizzlies defeated them, eliminating their chances of reaching the Playoffs. Curry deserves credit for his efforts So, give him an updated look.

JBM The captain of the team was named MVP for his 20.5 PPG average and his 7 APG during the Finals. JBM also appeared to have dropped clutch 3 just after clutch 3 even though USA was trailing Dominican Republic (he was 7-10 at 3 in Game 2) JBM was humbled at being awarded the award and maintained that it was the result of a team effort.

After the event, JBM to USABasketball stated that "there's no word to put on" They were able showcase the USA Basketball brand and win win those nailbitersand battle after losing their first game.

The NBA 2K covers have each included at minimum one NBA player, starting with Allen Iverson in the original NBA 2K. In contrast to the NBA Live series' cover artists they also have NBA 2K games have several cover stars. Iverson was featured on the cover of the first five games, and Shaquille Oleal was featured twice in NBA 2K6 and NBA 2K7. Numerous covers have included Kevin Durant and Michael Jordan.

In the year 2010 NBA 2K11 became the first game in the series to have an ex-player on the cover, specifically Michael Jordan. Jordan returned as the cover athlete for NBA 2K12, with limited edition Magic Johnson and Larry Bird covers also being made available. NBA 2K13 marks the cheap Nba 2k22 Mt first time that multiple players feature on the same front cover with Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose appearing together.