The rubber syringe mold comprises an upper template, an intermediate template, a lower template and a lower mold pad connected from top to bottom, the lower template is tightly arranged with a core rod, and the portion of the core rod outside the lower template is located in the intermediate template, and the core rod Forming a cavity with the intermediate template, the upper template has a gate communicating with the cavity, and the rubber injection mold of the product further has an exhaust passage, and one end of the exhaust passage of the product communicates with the bottom of the cavity, and One end is connected to an evacuation vacuum pump outside the mold. By adopting the above structure, the degree of vacuum in the cavity during injection molding can be ensured, thereby avoiding the occurrence of defects such as bubbles of the rubber product, and ensuring the quality of the finished product of the rubber product.

Syringe Mould   for silicone rubber tubing. The technical problem to be solved is that the provided mold should have the characteristics of good product quality, high production efficiency and low product cost. The technical solution is: a silicone rubber tube injection mold, comprising a mold and a core rod positioned in the mold cavity; the mold of the product is formed by the upper template, the mold body with the cavity and the lower template vertically stacked on the product. The injection inlet at the top end of the template is electrically connected to the cavity through each flow passage in the mold body; and is characterized in that the mold body of the product has a plurality of cavities and all of them are vertically arranged, and each of the cavities has a coaxially disposed core Baton. The top of the rod of the product is fixedly attached to the upper template. The bottom surface of the cavity of the product is provided with a fine positioning nail, and the bottom end of the core rod is provided with a positioning hole matched with the positioning nail.