What is the cause of the broken, worn, and poor heat dissipation of the    Syringe Mould   ? How to solve these problems? Yuhuan Shengjiu Mould Co , Ltd  . Analysis:

Breaking of the syringe mold: The forged die material itself has cracked due to improper temperature control. In this case, only the template is changed. The template for cracking and even fracture in production is often caused by excessive heat treatment and excessive stress. Cracking is prone to occur during welding. In severe cases, especially in the welding of Cr12 hard material, it is easy to crack. The template stress is too large, and the impact cracking is mostly at the sharp corner of the cavity. If it can be used, it can be punched and cut into a shape, or it can be hung around the template.

Wear of the syringe mold: especially the thermosetting plastic mold and aluminum alloy injection mold wear phenomenon is serious. The position of the movable part in the injection mold is not strong enough, there is a sharp angle, and improper selection of materials is also the cause of wear. For corrosive products and plastics with considerable hardness and filler, we should choose the surface of the material to have high corrosion resistance and surface hardness.

Poor heat dissipation of the syringe mold: The heat dissipation of the long core mold is very important, and the selection of appropriate materials has a large gap between the appearance of the product and the yield of the product. For example, materials such as beryllium copper containing bismuth and cobalt are used, which have high strength, hardness, fatigue resistance, wear resistance and good heat transfer after heat treatment.