things have been conveyed Animal Crossing Bells into Animal Crossing: New Horizons to praise the plan 35th remembrance. 

These things join an extent of Super Mario themed furniture, similar to Super Mushrooms and Thwomps, and attire things animated by Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Wario. 

Best of all, in any case, are the contort pipes, which will allow you to speedy go between two one of a kind territories on your island. With these lines set up, you can quickly zoom between one corner of your island and another!If you need to purchase any of these things, by then you need visit the Nook Stop in Residential Services to get to Nook Shopping or use the Nook Shopping application on your Nook Phone. This application will simply open after you've purchased 100 things through the Nook Stop, so it may require you some push to open.