We are your Custom Plastic Molds partner

From the beginning of each project, we communicate and coordinate closely with each customer to ensure that the mold is done right at the first time. All projects are managed by our mold design and mold manufacturer located in China, and all final inspections are performed before shipment.

WIT MOLD has become one of the best molds in the industry because order custom plastic parts we combine the essence of the latest technology with proven traditional methods.

With an expert team composed of experienced and knowledgeable experts, we are able to complete custom orders for Custom Plastic Molds and parts that may exceed the capabilities of our competitors. We are also unremittingly committed to improving customer satisfaction, which includes providing comprehensive end-to-end quality assurance for every product we produce.

WIT MOLD is a very professional mold design and mold manufacturer located in southern China, and has passed the ISO2009:2015 international quality standard certification. We started to build complete molds in 2011, specializing in the production of different types of injection molds, which are mainly exported to North America and Europe.

Injection molds and tools

Custom injection plastic molds can be made of a variety of materials, such as aluminum, steel, or alloys, and may contain various internal components such as pins, rails, bushings, and ejectors.

Our injection molding process can be customized according to your unique project. Create custom molds and tools that meet your exact design requirements, including single-cavity and multi-cavity molds with up to 32 individual molding cavities.









A team that provides timely service and consistent quality

1. Comprehensive service

Strong project management capabilities from design to final parts. One-stop service to meet the plastic molding needs of all our customers.

2. Injection molding industry experience

Decades of customized plastic injection engineering and processing experience.

3. Quality products and craftsmanship

You expect durable, high-quality components from WIT MOLD, including maximum output and minimum waste.

4. Multiple designs and material options

Custom designs and a full range of plastic material products, including various colorants and overmolding options.