Technomond Steel Industries is recognized among the special Skid Mounted Pasteurizer Exporters and Suppliers because of the best product quality, appreciated customer support and competitive market prices. Our clients can have faith in our products because they have already passed through many quality parameters. Give an email to discuss further requirements now. The line for milk pasterization plant is skid-mounted. Pasteurization is the process in which all disease producing bacteria is destroyed from a food or a liquid, as well as 90-99 percent of all other bacteria that may affect product quality. Pasteurization works to kill bacteria with high heat, helping reduce the transmission of diseases such as typhoid fever, tuberculosis, scarlet fever, polio and dysentery. Because of this, pasteurization is the most important function of a milk plant. There are a few different methods of pasteurization, but we will cover two of the main types: vat. The Inline Milk Pasteurizer is available in different types of systems: HTST pasteurizing lines, super pasteurizing lines, UHT sterilizing lines. The lines are pre-assembled on platform and may be automatic or semi automatic.

Finding the right balance of heating and agitation is important to efficiently operate a Skid Mounted Pasteurizer. If the heating temperatures are too low, the milk product temperature will not raise quickly enough. If heating temperatures are too high, the milk product may “cook on” the heating surface. The speed of heating is affected by the ability of your agitator to keep the product moving to, and away from, the heating surface. However, simply speeding up your agitator will not necessarily give you the desired result. Agitators are designed for certain speeds and highly efficient agitators may require high heating water temperatures. Failure to balance the heating surface with your agitation type and speed can result in improper pasteurization. The control systems for Inline Milk Pasteurizer is equipped with PLC Siemens with supervision HMI (Human Machine Interface).