If you need to fill the MMO gap in your life, then you won't have too much time waiting to play in the new world. After a long delay, it finally landed on PC via Steam on September 28th. "World of Warcraft" can be said to have a dominant position in the MMO genre. Nonetheless, an exciting new MMO is New World from Amazon Games. Although the studio does not have the best game yet, there is still a lot of hype before its release in late September. After extensive closed and open beta testing of New World, the development team seems to be considering player feedback, which is exciting. Will it be the one who took WoW off the altar?

You can check our understanding of the new world here. Interestingly, you don’t need an Amazon account to play the game, but it can only be used on a PC. So, this is exactly the time you can play in each region.

The game's servers will be unlocked at different times around the world after all, we don't live in a common time zone. In other words, preloading is now in effect. Although Australia’s launch time is relatively late compared to other servers, it means that each server will be launched on the same day.

With this in mind, here are the release times for each time zone:

Los Angeles: 8 a.m. Pacific time
New York: 8 AM Eastern Time
London: 7 a.m. British Summer Time
Paris: 8 AM CET
São Paulo: BRT at 8 am
Sydney: 9 pm Eastern Standard Time

Don’t see your time zone listed? Just click the link for this convenient converter. You can also view the list of new world servers here. In addition, there are some tips below.

There are two currencies in New World. They are Azoth and Coin. New World Coin is a common currency. Players use New World Coins to purchase New World Items, Level Up Trade Skills such as Crafting, Refining, Gathering, Camping and more. In addition, you also need NW Coins to learn new skills and spells in the new world, purchase pets, and obtain mount and flying skills. When we have enough New World Coins, becoming stronger is an inevitable result. We will also be more relaxed when facing game NPCs or other players. Anyway, I have experienced the happiness of being one step ahead of other players. This game just before At the beginning, it is worth everyone to join, I believe it will get better and better.

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