There's really nothing left , it's only WOW Classic TBC Gold a "rogues are garbage" concept and people take it to heart. In most of my Dungeons, I fight for the highest the dps. There is like 1 part of the content we're not capable of competing with, and everyone trashes rogues.

They also have a difficult finding a way to join raids since raids are only interested in 1, if they have enough physical dps to be able to support it. If they do manage to get admitted, they'll have to spec into better expose armour. This is essentially a buff they have to spec into. That means you'll have to spec each whenever you want to take on pvp or raids.

They'll be able to get all the functionality they require from another class that is able to do more damage per square inch. Additionally, they are the first choice in PvP, there are a lot of rogues with the ability to pvp but not able to pve. The reason is that a rogue's bis-pvp gear needs a lot of pve equipment, so if you're not "the guild raid rogue that is getting warglaives" then you'll have problems pvping because everyone is going to out gear your character.

For the moment an old mage of 70 years can press a single button to obtain PVE. If he isn't in the dps game but, he is able to compete with a geared wizard in DPS. Along with water and food for your team, a buff is recommended. Also, aoe.

We're able to do a decent job of DPS but we don't bring any value to the group. No AOE, b+ tier damage, no buffs. If you're only playing with the slots you need do not bring them. They also share a lot of items with two classes that share items with the group.

I'm not sure why people complain that it's hard to be a rogue, and to get invited to groups. I'm a rogue. i managed to get fully overwhelmed by forming my own groups. It is possible to start your own groups if have trouble getting accepted to any. You can select the gear you'd like and invite only those who don't really need the item. This is one of the cheap WOW TBC Gold best parts about creating your own groups. I was able to get full bis because I chose those who don't need leather gear.