What is a multi-plate screw press machine?


The multi-plate screw press machine is a supporting equipment for the fouling grid. It is composed of a feed hopper, a pressing screw, a spiral tube, a slag discharge tube and a driving device. The slag picked up by the grid or filtered filter slag enters the spiral tube from the feed hopper, and is squeezed and dehydrated under the action of the squeezing screw. The water squeezed out from the material is collected into the water receiving basin and discharged by the drain pipe. The material is compressed and discharged through the slag discharge pipe, which can greatly reduce the weight and volume of debris and other debris. The multi-plate screw press machine is composed of drainage area, feed area, screw conveying area, and discharge area. The grid slag enters the material area, and is compacted in the compaction zone by a multi-plate screw press machine, and then the grid slag is discharged, and the waste liquid flows into the collecting pipe from the grid.


Main features of multi-plate screw press machine


1. The shaftless screw is adopted, the contact surface with the material is small, the friction is low, and the extrusion efficiency can be improved. And there is no blockage, no entanglement phenomenon;

2. The equipment is made of stainless steel, with high strength, good corrosion resistance and long service life;

3. The drive device adopts the shaft-mounted direct drive mode, which is stable and reliable in operation and energy saving;

4. Equipped with spring baffle to increase the squeezing force and increase the dehydration rate;

5. Except for the inlet and outlet, the rest adopt a sealed structure, and the environment is clean and hygienic.


Several conditions for a good quality screw press


The quality of presses on the market is uneven. How can I buy a machine that is satisfactory and inexpensive? The important thing is to know what are the requirements for a good quality multi-plate screw press machine in order to be more handy in the purchase process.

Here is a brief list for everyone:

Condition 1: If you want the press to have high power and output during the production process, it is not necessary that the larger the reducer, the better. Large torque is the key to the operation of the machine.

Condition 2: The dewatering effect of the material is determined by factors such as the screen barrel, reinforcing ribs, and the size of the screen barrel gap.

Condition 3: The softness and hardness of the material itself, the particle size and other factors cannot completely determine the dehydration rate, and the change of the spiral curve inside the press is the most important thing.

Condition 4: Whether the design of the machine is reasonable and whether the operation is simple and easy to learn.

Condition 5: Whether the after-sales maintenance of the machine is guaranteed during the use of the machine.

Condition 6: Whether to agree to the field test. A good advertisement is not as good as a good effect. The field test can show the good quality and good effect of the machine, and it can't be mixed with a little fake.


Advantages of multi-plate screw press machine


1. The production cost is low, the price is appropriate, the model is complete, and the equipment investment is saved, and it is an economical equipment;

2. Large output, continuous discharging, not easy to block, return, etc., fast speed, small back flow, saving time and effort;

3. In the process of pressing and dewatering, the material is conveyed smoothly, and the pressing and drying humidity is uniform;

4. Small footprint and space saving;

5. Simple operation and easy to use;

6. There are many choices and different machines for different materials: single multi-plate screw press machine, special multi-plate screw press machine (variable diameter multi-plate screw press machine), double multi-plate screw press machine

7. The screen of the sieve barrel is made of pure hand-made trapezoidal wire, generally 50 wires 0.5mm, smaller ones can be woven from 30 to 20 wires (0.3m—0.2m)


Disadvantages of multi-plate screw press machine


1. When the multi-plate screw press machine is used for squeezing and dehydrating fruits and vegetables, due to the limitation of the screen gap of the sieve barrel, there will be a small amount of residue in the juice after pressing, and the liquid will appear turbid. For example, for the juice of juicy fruits such as apples and pears, even if the screen gap is woven to a small 0.2m, the solid-liquid separation cannot be completely achieved, and the juice will have some turbidity, which cannot achieve a clear and visible effect.

2. When the multi-plate screw press machine is used to squeeze the miscellaneous materials such as domestic waste, kitchen waste and medical waste, iron filings, iron chips, sharp and hard objects cannot enter the body to prevent internal damage to the machine and affect normal operation.

3. The level of material dehydration rate has a certain relationship with factors such as weather and climate, material storage time, material type, material state and so on. For example: fresh fruits and vegetables have different juice yields from fruits and vegetables stored for a period of time; northern fruits and southern fruits have different juice yields; different climates in rainy and dry seasons have different dehydration rates of materials; crushed materials are more straightforward The dewatering rate of the squeezed material is higher...etc.

4. Since the small multi-plate screw press machine has no hydraulic system, it needs to manually open and close the forced door. When the machine is working, the staff cannot be left.

5. When the machine is not turned on for more than 24 hours, all residues in the machine should be cleaned up (a water gun is recommended) to prevent internal blockage and affect the next normal use.

6. The transmission system, transmission parts, bearings, etc. are regularly filled with lubricating oil or grease for maintenance.

7. When working, it should be noted that the oil temperature rise of the hydraulic system should not exceed 60°C, and the temperature rise of each bearing in the transmission system should not exceed 40°C at room temperature.


multi-plate screw press machine maintenance and maintenance instructions


As the demand for multi-plate screw press machinees increases year by year, more and more attention is paid to its maintenance and maintenance. Only use without maintenance, the machine consumes a lot, and the service life will be greatly reduced. The correct use method with daily maintenance can extend the machine's operating time and make it play a greater role. As a veteran enterprise of press production, Jiake Machinery Co., Ltd. will give you a brief introduction to its daily maintenance and maintenance methods today:

1. Before use, clean the equipment and material contact parts with cleaning fluid.

2. When the pressing work is nearing the end and needs to be stopped, do not stop the machine directly. First of all, reduce the pressure of the hydraulic system, so that the material residue after pressing and dewatering pushes open the forced door at the end of the sieve barrel; or raise the forced door through manual operation, and then let the machine continue to operate for a period of time until the material residue in the sieve barrel Can not continue to discharge the forced door, and then stop the machine, and clean up the remaining material residue in the sieve barrel.

3. When the machine is running, try to avoid excessive pressure, otherwise it will cause the machine to stop suddenly or break the screen barrel.

4. The oil temperature of the hydraulic system should not exceed 60°C. As the temperature rises quickly when the hydraulic pump is high-pressure, it is recommended that the high-pressure continuous operation of the oil pump does not exceed 30 minutes. The temperature rise of each bearing in the transmission system shall not exceed 40°C at room temperature.

5. Do not allow sharp, hard objects and metal objects to enter the machine body during the operation of the machine. They will damage the parts in the machine body and affect the normal operation of the machine. They can be selected before the material is squeezed.

6. If the machine is not to be used for a long time, rinse all the material residues in the machine with a water gun, and protect the rusty parts with grease and place it in a ventilated and dry place.

7. The oil of the hydraulic system should be kept clean. When refueling or changing the oil, the oil should be filtered with a 120-mesh filter.

8. The bearings of the transmission system should be regularly filled with lubricating grease for maintenance; the gear box should be regularly filled with lubricating oil for maintenance; the hydraulic oil tank should be regularly filled with hydraulic oil for maintenance.


The working principle of the multi-plate screw press machine


When the grid residue or filtered residue in the grid enters the spiral tube from its hopper, it is squeezed and dewatered by the squeezing screw. The water squeezed out of the material is collected into the water basin through the filter and discharged from the drain pipe, while the squeezed and dehydrated material is discharged through the slag discharge pipe.

The structure of the multi-plate screw press machine:

There are five parts: hopper, squeeze screw, spiral pipe, slag discharge pipe and driving device

Features of multi-plate screw press machine:

The operation is simple, easy to learn and easy to use.

Application range of multi-plate screw press machine:

1. In the drainage pumping station, sewage treatment plant and water plant, the slag intercepted by the trash grid is dehydrated and compressed.

2. Dehydration and compression in the treatment of wastewater produced in papermaking, wine making, food, leather, textile, printing and dyeing and petrochemical industries.

How to install the multi-plate screw press machine

The use of the multi-plate screw press machine has greatly improved people's work efficiency. Before we use the multi-plate screw press machine, we should install it in the correct process and method to ensure reliable use.

1. When installing the multi-plate screw press machine, check early to check whether the opening size of the foundation bolt is consistent with the size of the machine base, before installing the equipment in the prefabricated foundation, and aligning the positions to tighten the fixing nuts.

2. After the equipment is placed in the foundation, weld the bracket and the embedded steel plate firmly after it is in place.

3. After the press is installed, turn the reducer by hand to input the oil, check whether the moving parts are jammed, and whether the movement is flexible.

4. Check whether the steering of the reducer (press the arrow) is correct.

5. Start the drive mechanism to make it run without load, and it can be put into production after normal.

The multi-plate screw press machine has a wide range of applications, but it must be used carefully when using it, and the production should be carried out with the correct process and method, so as to avoid production accidents and the loss outweighs the gain.


Performance advantages of multi-plate screw press machine


1. Practicality. multi-plate screw press machine slag liquid separation speed is fast, the water content of the separated material slag is between 40-65%, and the slag content and water content can be adjusted. It can be applied to materials of different components and is convenient for transportation. It is very suitable as a raw material for fish feed and organic fertilizer.

2. Durability. The screens and dragons of the multi-plate screw press machine are made of nickel alloy steel and high-strength carbon steel, which are corrosion-resistant, high-strength, and have a long service life.

3. Economical. The multi-plate screw press machine has a high degree of automation, low power consumption and low price. Easy to operate, just press the start and stop button to operate.

4. Convenience. The multi-plate screw press machine has strong decontamination ability, easy cleaning and no clogging. The water content of the material processed by the multi-plate screw press machine can be adjusted by itself.

The multi-plate screw press machine is popular in use because it has the advantages that other pressing methods do not have. It is with these advantages that the multi-plate screw press machine is more widely used.


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