After several delays, the developers finally decided to release New World on September 28. Let us now analyze and analyze what problems New World still has before its release. Bugs are common to all games and may appear some time after the game is released, although some of them need to be fixed. Minor issues include common audio errors that limit the voice of certain players, animation errors caused by various objects and actions, and other minor visual issues.

Although these can be fixed when they appear after the release of New World, more serious issues that need to be resolved include process errors that prevent players from completing story missions, players being trapped in place, and common "retreat" errors that prevent enemies from being harmed. And in some cases, it will New World Coins Buy in place.

Many players performed poorly in the public beta this weekend. Some people said that New World has significantly reduced FPS compared to the previous beta version, while others said that New World has obvious compatibility issues on some graphics cards. Although no players told us about the terrible GPU bricking we saw during the closed beta, because New World Coins was the component manufacturer’s fault, not Amazon’s fault, the performance still needs to be fixed before launch. Otherwise, it may prevent some players from fully accepting the game.

Fortunately, there is a loyal team behind the New World game. They tried hard and showed what they thought was the best work in the delay after time. Even after its release, New World may continue to improve, and one day it may become what players expect.