It’s can be easy. When you practice by writing various ideas from the library, you will note that the concepts are not new, and you will gain a practical application. Most notably, capstone projects are a great source of advice, and you can use them as a reference point when working on a specific task. Its applications include timetables, vital logs for studying plants, and so forth.

How does a capstone project help? The answers below may help you solve the puzzle of how to plan for a particular research topic and find the best approach to solving the problem. Capstone papers are practical the most. Let’s have a look at how such papers are written:

Literature Review

When writing a capstone project, you are expected to conduct a literature review in your area of study. This will involve a critical analysis of published literature related to the subject. The information reviewed will guide you in finding the suitable sources to use if you are to develop your paper.


What is the main objective of writing a capstone paper? To answer this question, one has to carry out research. The thesis document will state your argument regarding the issue. A well-written capstone requires facts, figures, and data to be accurate. The following are three simple steps to follow dnp scholarly project when carrying out a literature review:

  • Read materials
  • Create an outline
  • Choose a topic
  • Go through available literature
  • Edit that paper

A literature review is essential because it helps in identifying the gaps in the research. The overview will enable you to avoid common errors, including plagiarism.

Research Methods

After collecting information, the next step is to analyze it. You are free to search for references if you have the correct material. In case you lack the appropriate resources to assist you in doing that, you could utilize the internet to check literature. Web such as Google Scholar allows users to access journals, books, World Wide Web electronic resources, and newspapers. Also, you can grab articles from other websites and cite them. Citing is done according to the specified formatting style.


You can never submit a capstone project without concluding. What is the matter? Capstone papers are meant to inform the readers of the results of a research study. Therefore, people reading the project will, therefore, understand the findings. If the research is thorough, then the conclusion is a chance for making recommendations that will be used in the future.


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