During my search for Immunity based genuine products I came across a Company named AyuSwasth which manufactures Immunity boosting product called AyuImmune. As a happy customer I am pleased to share my feedback.


So,what are AyuImmune Tablets?

AyuImmune Tabletsare Immunity booster tablets containingtime tested ingredientslike Ashwagandha, Giloy, Amla, Tulsi, Dalchini, Sunthi, Piper and Yashadwhich is a natural source of Zinc.  Pack of 60 tablets is available.

And what are the benefits of AyuImmune Tablets?

AyuImmune Tablets has several health benefits and has one of the most powerful Antioxidantthere is. We all need Antioxidantsto neutralise the free radicals that areproduced in our bodies due to several environmental nutritional reasons. These free radicals can cause havoc with our bodies both internally externally. AyuImmune Tablets strengthens the immune system and fights of free radical stress.Thus, it helps in prevention of infections and allergies by making our body more resistant to external sources of infections.

How does it work as any Immunity Booster? Is it Scientifically studied?



AyuImmune Tablets works on boosting your immunity and you feel protected as if you are wearing a suraksha kawach. Our traditional Ayurveda is time tested and the ingredients in AyuImmune are beneficial to boost the immunity in one way or the other. However, the beauty of the product is these ingredients act together synergistically like a symphony orchestra to give total benefit. The product has been tested for its anti-oxidant and immunity actions in a most Scientific way to give the claimed benefits.

Can I not just take single herbtablets like Ashwagandha instead of  AyuImmune Tablets to give me a healthy immunity?

Since all the herbs mentioned above are found in Nature their quality is likely to differ based on region, climate, soil etc. however the benefit of AyuImmune Tabletsis that it uses a special technology to make the Standardized Herbal Extracts which are processed with FMB (Fused-Micronized-Bio ligated) technology,  which means that every herb will be consistent in its effectiveness at all times thus ensuring that Quality of the final product is very good. The product is further tested in NABL Lab for Gluten, Microbes, Heavy metals, Aflatoxin Pesticides. This is one of its kind technologies in India and has a great scientific basis.

What are the different types of formulations offered by the Company?

Apart from AyuImmune Tablets the Company also manufactures tablets like AyuOrtho for Bone Joint health, AyuQueen for Women’s health and AyuVital to keep our Vital Organs healthy. The basic principle of using standardised herbal extracts with FMB technology and NABL Lab testing is common to all these products thereby ensuring consistent quality.


Can I use AyuImmune Tablets formulation along with other Medicines?

AyuImmune Tablets are to be taken 1 tablet twice a day after food, or as directed by Physician;it is advisable to consult if there are other underlying concerns that are affecting your body.

Are there any side effects of using AyuImmune Tablets?

Since the AyuImmune tablets are composed of time-tested ingredients from Natural sources; tested for Gluten,Microbes, Heavy Metals, Aflatoxins Pesticides; and no added colour is used in the products; they are safe for consumption.

How are AyuImmune Tablets made? What are the Natural sources of AyuImmune Tablets?

AyuImmune Tablets is made by a multi step process starting with selection of standardised herbal extracts made by FMB technology, they are blended together to form a tablet which is film coated to make it palatable. The sources of the herbs are either from leaves, stems, or roots, or the whole plant.

Is AyuImmune Tablets used for treatment against Covid19?

Clinical trials are being carried out at several institutes through out India to determine whether the use of Ayurvedic tablets helps in fighting the long-term effects that Covid19 has on our body. There are some products like Ayush 64 recommended as adjunct to treatment along with all opathic drugs.  Since AyuImmune is an Immunity booster it should definitely help in strengthening the body defences against long term effects of Covid.

In a Nutshell AyuImmune Tabletsis a Ayurvedic Proprietary medicine that helps in boosting Immunity, fights against infections and allergies and act as an antioxidant to improve our defence mechanism against diseases and environmental factors.

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Author: Dr Arun Gupta