What is the difference between velvet and flannel:

The development process of the era is a process of continuous selection. The survival of the fittest is an eternal truth. Preservation and inheritance can withstand testing. Of course, some disappeared and some appeared. In the textile industry, Changshu velvet is the rank of a veteran, while flannel is new but similar in appearance. So what is the difference between velvet and flannel?

The placement of the velvet structure is a weft-knitted organization, which is generally divided into ground yarn and terry yarn. The raw materials are made of cotton, silk, viscose silk, polyester, nylon and other different raw materials. According to different applications, different raw materials can be used for weaving. Velvet is used as clothing, and cotton is generally used as loop yarn. Velvet is plump, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, and beautiful in shape.

Velvet products require high grade, low linear density, long length and good maturity. Velvet products have special requirements for the twist of terry yarn. When cotton is used, it needs less twist and a small twist of cotton yarn. When weaving, velvet fabric and yarn should choose two different twists to match the white fabric, and the terry yarn should use the same twist as the yarn and equipment, which contributes to the quality and feel of the suede.

Is flannel colored? Flannel is a soft-feeling fabric woven by a polyester warp knitting machine, with a strong wool-like appearance. After pretreatment, dyeing, heat setting and wet treatment, the fabric is shortened and the density is increased. Dyeing and finishing fabrics are not only dazzling but also strong in three-dimensional and dynamic. In particular, the use of polyester adds softness to the fabric. The texture is soft and the hand feels comfortable. After special treatment, it can achieve special functions such as moisture-proof and warmth.

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