NBA 2K22 has been released. Like previous NBA 2K games, The City is a large-scale online open world mode that allows players to walk around, play basketball, and shop in stores. This is a feature of NBA 2K22. If players have the items they want, they can also buy NBA 2K22 MT to get them.

NBA 2K22 has a career mode, allowing players to create their own basketball-loving characters, and then they can move in the storyline, gradually rise and enter the NBA, and eventually become a famous NBA superstar. The City is an online center where players can take the created characters out of the stadium and enter an open world city full of different buildings, activities and content. Like the rest of any modern NBA 2K game, it is also full of microtransactions and advertising. This is why players want to Buy NBA 2K22 MT.

But this year, NBA 2K22 did strengthen the game when it brought late-stage capitalist elements into the experience. NBA 2K22 MT is the currency players need. NBA 2K22 has a digital jack from State Farm. This "character" appears in many State Farm commercials, because most people spend hours a day bombarded by thousands of advertisements, so many players will recognize State Farm's Jake. Jack is not only in the game, but outside the State Farm brand clothing and merchandise store. Players can get some “drip” from State Farm. And it looks terrible.

In the video, the characters created by the players met Jake of State Farm. They did not shake their heads like most people, perhaps sighed and moved on, but calmed down and made real conversations with digital marketing characters. Watching his character have fun with Jake of State Farm, even when he says the famous State Farm slogan is very excited. Some players can choose to buy NBA 2K22 MT to hone the role and watch it become stronger.