With the rapid growth of the global economy, corporate competitiveness has become one of the indispensable factors in the development of China sourcing companies. The competitiveness of China sourcing companies is formed in the course of market competition between the main body of competitors and competitors.

Entering the international market has always been one of the important goals of the development of most China sourcing companies. Driven by the wave of globalization, the desire and trend of internationalization of China sourcing companies have been increasing.


 However, compared with the domestic market, the international market not only provides opportunities for the development of China sourcing companies, but also makes enterprises face more challenges. 


With more resources and more advanced technology in the international market, China sourcing companies can improve their technological level through exports and expand the influence of their own brands.


Internal factors mainly refer to the characteristics of China sourcing companies themselves.

Competitiveness of China sourcing companies

Among the factors of most China sourcing companies, the factors that have a significant impact on export competitiveness are enterprise scale, enterprise products, enterprise management, enterprise human resources, and enterprise culture.

1. Enterprise scale


Enterprise size has a very important impact on the export competitiveness of China sourcing companies. Generally speaking, large China sourcing companies have more advantages in exports, and large China sourcing companies tend to outperform small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of capital and manpower. Therefore, it is better than small and medium-sized enterprises in adapting to new markets, as well as in product production and development, so it has strong export competitiveness.

In addition, large China sourcing companies and small and medium-sized enterprises pay more attention to different factors in their export trade. Large-scale enterprises are often less sensitive to prices. They pay more attention to the technical competitiveness of their products, while small and medium-sized enterprises pay more attention to their own. Price advantage, low requirements on the technical level of the product.


2. Enterprise products


Products are the main carrier for China sourcing companies to compete in the international market, as well as the main carrier for the export competitiveness of enterprises. The impact of products on the export competitiveness of enterprises is mainly divided into product prices and product quality. The higher the quality of the product and the lower the price, the stronger the competitiveness of the product. In this way, the export competitiveness of the enterprise that produces and exports this product is also stronger.

In the knowledge economy environment, the current requirements for the services of China sourcing companies are more extensive, and the technical level of the products has become the most important factor in enhancing the export competitiveness of China sourcing companies. New products have become the stepping stone for enterprises to enter the international market, and they are also gain One of the most powerful and stable means of competitiveness.

3. Enterprise human resources


The survival and development of China sourcing companies require various types of talents. In the basic production link, workers with higher technical level can effectively improve the production efficiency of the enterprise; in the management of the enterprise, the knowledge structure and ability level of the management personnel, especially the senior management personnel, have a great effect on the correctness of the decision-making of the enterprise. 


There are relationships. Therefore, the more optimized the talent structure of China sourcing companies, the smoother the development and operation of trading companies will be, and China sourcing companies will have more strength to compete with similar manufacturers in the international market.


4. Corporate culture


Corporate culture refers to the guiding ideology, business philosophy and management style of China sourcing companies. It is a micro-culture that educates all employees of the enterprise with values as the core.


The competitiveness of China sourcing companies is related to these internal factors. In order to enhance the corporate competitiveness, the main body of competitors need to continue to specialize and continuously improve products and services.

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