All things considered, that's an impressive group of Madden 22 coins players for the Kansas City Chiefs' star receiver to be with. DeAndre ' Hopkins and Davante Adams are both very skilled wide receivers. But some (including Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes) believe that Hill has been awarded a 99 overall rating.

It's a staggering rating that is coveted by many, however it's not quite as impressive as it could be. It's certainly worth noting that Hill is regarded as the fastest player on the field in the coming season However, his incredible performance wasn't enough to lift his name to the top of the list here.

However, regardless of the preseason rating, there will be plenty of chances to Hill to prove doubters who might still be right. Hill will have more than his fair share of opportunities to score points and accumulate yards in the ever-exciting Kansas City Chiefs offense.

Packers: Aaron Jones is ranked in the top 10 in Madden 22's ratings for RBs

Green Bay Packers players had their "Madden NFL 22" ratings announced.

Davante was named to the "99 Club" and is currently the top-ranked receiver in the entire game. Za'Darius is ranked 10th in the position of edge rusher and wasn't thrilled about it. This provided an additional bulletin board and motivation for the Packers most effective pass-rusher.

This time, we have a new Madden rating. The running back Aaron Jones' rating was made public together with the top 10 players at the running back position.

Jones is currently the sixth most highly back in the league with a 91 overall rating. Jones just completed with a great season, in which Jones ran for 1,104 yards and nine touchdowns. The best part about Jones is he is also an enormous threat in the passing game. Jones was able to catch 47 passes last year for 355 yards , and scored two touchdowns. He is a versatile running back.

He could have left Green Bay and made a significant amount of money, however the decision was made to return to Green Bay to play for the Packers in a slightly however, less cost-effective contract. He was offered a $48 million four-year deal from the Packers however, it's more like a 2-year contract. The Packers can always negotiate an agreement with him to extend the term of the contract.

Leading Jones in the Madden ratings are Christian McCaffrey (97 overall), Derrick Henry (96), Nick Chubb (96), Dalvin Cook (95) and buy Madden nfl 22 coins Alvin Kamara (94). Jones is ahead Saquon Barkley (90), Josh Jacobs (89) and Ezekiel Elliott (88)