In Path of Exile, it is generally difficult for players to choose a suitable class. Building a character is a big project. Because the passive skill tree is very complicated, players must fully understand the mechanism if they want to build a powerful character. In Path of Exile, if the player and other players choose the same role, don’t worry, because there are very complicated passive skills, so the role is the same, and the nature of the construction is not necessarily the same. Players can also Buy POE Currency to enhance the strength of the character. Here are some classes of D-Tier Ascendancies in Path of Exile.

Guardian. Because players generally play Path of Exile alone, Guardian is a close-to-low-end category, and Guardian itself does not shine like it itself. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best choices when the player wants to stack the halo. In any case, it requires several Kalandras to work, so wise players will always prepare some POE Currency.

Chieftain. The main problem with Chieftain is that it is a class that performs well in terms of few specific, creative builds. Coincidentally, these builds are not considered the best in the game. Even so, Chieftain is often not the best choice. It has a great affinity for fire damage, endurance balls, and totems, but it does not provide unique things that cannot be found elsewhere. In fact, sometimes using POE Currency to buy good equipment can also increase its damage.

Juggernaut. Similar to Chieftain, Juggernaut is a niche sublimation category that selects specific non-meta constructions that may or may not be effective. Even though it's a very defensive class, most players don't like it because it shows how much the game adjusts to speed and raw damage. Nevertheless, with its bonus to accuracy, Juggernaut proved to be a good choice for characters to stack this attribute to achieve large damage numbers. Of course, most players will buy POE Currency to enhance the damage of their characters.