Is it suitable to study in China under the COVID-19?


Since 2020, COVID-19 has been raging around the world. According to Worldometer real-time statistics, There were 501,224 new confirmed cases and 8,087 new deaths in a single day in the world.207,941,434 cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia were diagnosed globally, and 4,373,983 cases died.


For more than a year, the epidemic has affected various industries, and studying abroad is one of them. For international students who want to study in China or return to China for study, one of the most worrying concern is: Is it an appropriate time to research in China under the COVID-19 today?


I will examine this trouble from 2 facets, and provide you an option response:


Great facets:

1, China is currently among the best nations in the World

While the international epidemic is still expanding hugely, China has well-controlled the epidemic with a collection of actions. There are just 3,886 verified instances in China, and just a couple of instances boost everyday. In addition, the Chinese people currently have the recognition of using masks, knowingly gauge their body temperature level and minimize group aggregation. So China can be claimed to be extremely risk-free currently.


Certainly, along with the epidemic security in China, China's social setting is additionally extremely risk-free. There's no riot or battle. There are a lot of safety and safety actions to shield the security of individuals. In China, a lady can stroll on the road late during the night without bothering with being harassed or burglarized.


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2, Many universities in China are still recruiting international students

There are more than 3000 universities and institutions in China, of which more than 1000 universities recruit international students. Most universities have their own recruitment goals. Because of the epidemic, many schools can't recruit enough foreign students. This is an opportunity for you.


3, Many scholarships have not been applied for

In order to attract and help international students to study better in China, the Chinese government and universities will provide a large number of scholarships to international students. Now, due to the reduction of students, many scholarships have not been applied for. If you apply for a Chinese University now, you will easily apply for scholarships after being admitted.





Bad aspects

1, Chinese customs now strictly controls the entry of foreigners

Some media have consulted the Chinese government many times: when can international students return to study in China? The Chinese federal government stated that the particular opening up time have to be identified inning accordance with the international epidemic scenario. It will certainly not be completely open up to entrance for the moment being.


2, Also if you're permitted to get in China, it's hard for you to acquire an air ticket

Today, trips around the globe are really limited, so it's hard to acquire tickets, as well as the cost of tickets is really costly. The cost of some trips has actually also climbed to $50000.


3, You might be contaminated on the trip

Since the epidemic scenario in a lot of nations outdoors China is really major, A lot of individuals intend to fly to China to stay clear of the epidemic. There could be a lot of COVID-19 providers in the group. As a restricted room, the airplane is most likely to create brand-new individuals to be contaminated.



Ultimately, Exists a great option to research in China?


SACBU will certainly advise you relate to Chinese colleges that can perform on the internet finding out. A lot of Chinese colleges presently offer range on the internet finding out. You can take courses at your residence currently. After the international epidemic is regulated, China will certainly open up the entrance, and afterwards you can most likely to China to research.


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