New World is a new MMO launched by Amazon Games. In New World, from clothing to enemies, from houses to scenes, it has a unique artistic style, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the world of Aeternum and buy New World Coins to play it. Many players may want to understand how the art team finds inspiration, decides on the art style of the new world, and finally turns their concept into reality. Here are some explanations from Deputy Art Director Sojin Hwang and Art Director Charles Bradbury.

Historical inspiration. Hwang explained that the 17th century provided a starting point and loose inspiration for the design of the new world. The 17th century was known as the era of exploration and discovery, and many explorers went out of their hometowns to explore other parts of the world. They want players to have that sense of exploration and explore the unknown. In the game, players can also get New World Coins to buy the items they want. Hwang and the Amazon Games art team like the idea of Aeternum as a realm of myths and legends. In fact, there are countless folk tales about ghosts, monsters and other phenomena in cultures all over the world. Aeternum is where all these legends are truly true.

Balancing fantasy and realism. The art team behind New World had a clear vision of balancing fantasy and realism when developing the appearance of the game. They want to create an immersive supernatural world. They have added fantastic magic elements throughout the game, so players should be able to encounter unusual things in every corner. Players can also use New World Coins. Upgrade quickly and get some rare resources.

The world and creatures of New World are exaggerated, dramatic, yet believable. They said it was all about visual contrast. They have this terrible forest, but players will also find beautiful, lush nature. Many times, they use bold artistic visual effects. They try to push as much as possible in certain areas, but they also rely heavily on believable natural and familiar scenes to attract players, so when they put these supernatural elements in this world, it will be more prominent, which Let players get a better gaming experience while buying New World Gold to equip themselves.