It's a regular occurrence for me and my friends or FC members to visit discord in the evenings, meet up in a main city, dance occasionally, watch some of the bards, visit homes of people in the wards, or go to WOW TBC Gold an event that's hosting parties, or anything else outside of simply playing content. There's so much to do, see, and experience out there and a lot of it is player made, that's something I def regret about the old-school WoW. It has lost its magic to me , long ago. I'll never forget dressing in SWP gear, and people commenting on my server about how it was so awesome.

It's quite amazing how I can relax in Limsa or Ul'dah or even wearing my triple Triad parasol. I'm sure to get about five whispers regarding where I got it. Sometimes I even message others asking where they got a certain fashion piece, since I'm also an enormous fan of glamour. It's such a blast.

Early Runescape is a wonderful community. You can explore Varrock and Falador and find a multitude of individuals doing various tasks. Visit world 2 for these trade places. Many people "wasted" time doing different minigames however, now everyone breaks every action down to gold/hour and the equivalent of xp/hour.

I first started WoW when gearscore was starting to pick up, and also before LFG was even introduced (dps meters were already in use). This was a change in communities from not wanting to be around toxic people to go to dungeons to just kick low level dps only to getting replaced in seconds. It's even more severe in WoW, where the "interview" process for joining groups changed from simply checking their equipment to scrutinizing all their previous experience (people generally require you to have 4 years experience to cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold join their entry level job).