Step 1: The Basics
To draw anything, you need to be able to break it down and identify the shapes within. To draw custom rain boots, start by drawing three lines to make up the boot shaft. Then, add the base of the boot by adding two curved lines and connecting them with a line across the bottom. Next, add the sole by completing the rectangle at the bottom and draw a line at the top of the shaft to show the seam. Finally, give it shape and depth by adding two curved lines for the toe of the boot and customize it by adding pull tabs, buckles or elastic.

Step 2: Color Using ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers
One way to bring the rain boot to life is drawing a classic yellow boot using the ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers. First, draw a full size rain boot using your MONO Graph Mechanical Pencil. I customized this boot by shortening the shaft and adding a buckle and pull tabs. Then, trace the final sketch with MONO Drawing Pen 03. The water-based ink in the MONO Drawing Pen does not bleed or smear when colored over with the ABT PRO Markers. Next, erase the pencil marks using the MONO Zero Eraser or the MONO Eraser.

Then, use the ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers Yellow Tones 5-Pack to color the boot. I layered the colors from light to dark until I was happy with the outcome. Make sure to put a blotter sheet behind your paper as you work. Alcohol-Based Markers can bleed through depending on what paper you choose.

Remember to work slowly when you’re working with the ABT PRO Markers to take full advantage of the controlled ink flow! For more in depth tips on using the ABT PRO Markers, check out my post Getting Started with ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers.

Step 3: Paint Using Dual Brush Pens
Another way to draw rain boots it to water color them using Dual Brush Pens. Start by drawing a rain boot and tracing it using the MONO Twin Permanent Marker. The ink in the MONO Twin Permanent Marker will not bleed or smear when colored over using the Dual Brush Pens or a Water Brush. I customized this boot by making it a pair and adding elastic to the shaft. I also added a bit of dirt below the boots. Do not draw the flowers yet.

Next, use the Dual Brush Pens to add some color to the boot. Use the Medium Water Brush to add a little water to the page and create a watercolor effect on the boots. While that dries, use the Dual Brush Pens to add flowers coming out of the boots. Then, use just a wet Water Brush to lightly hit a few spots on the flowers. I left some plain marker and some watercolor areas in the flowers for more texture. I also add color below the boots for some dirt at this point and added water to watercolor it. Once the watercolor is dry, use the fine side of the MONO Twin Permanent Marker to add a little more definition to the flowers.

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