In the New Jordan 2020, Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG has been steadily produced, providing color matching rooted in Michael Jordan's professional and personal life and other aspects. Recently, the outline appeared in the "Deep Marina Blue" option, which is expected to be released in January 2022. The upcoming Air Jordan and the August "Pollen" advocate using similar color matching, remixing the model's original "Royal" layout. The smooth leather upper with a slightly different shade of blue and cosmetics makes it a brand new option, but it is easier to swallow than the more experimental pair of shoes. The toe, midfoot and ankle panels have all chosen a "black" appearance, making the nominal "deep coastal blue" the focus under the spotlight. At the foot, the outsole also follows.
2020 Cheap Jordans, After experiencing a lot of TB color matching, Nike KD 14 has re-showed its more colorful side. Here, in addition to the full-body print, the silhouette also shows neon lights to celebrate Durant's late Aunt Pearl. Although "Volt" is rarely used, it occupies a large part of the entire show, almost occupying a part of the midsole and straps, and its chiseled exterior quickly turned bright pink. Matching notes can be found elsewhere—especially in the all-over print on the upper, which is incredibly reminiscent of retro wallpapers. The combination of blue, yellow and similar pastels creates a vibrant floral arrangement that is only suitable for the above and blue-dyed heels, linings and laces.
Retro Jordan 2021, Although a year has passed since its 25th anniversary, the Nike Air Max 95 has not been forgotten. Instead, it appears in a handful of eye-catching color schemes throughout the year, now including black and yellow styles. At first glance, the couple's palette may indicate the use of an "ultra" construction, but careful inspection will dispel this hunch. However, the miniature whirlwind on the outer toe does provide a non-standard configuration. The entire upper is a mixture of suede, synthetic leather and canvas, completely covered in black, while the brand uses contrasting tones. At the foot, most of the sole units are arranged in dark colors, but the Air Max unit at the heel provides the most daring style for the entire shoe.
jordan shoes 2019, The "Toasty" series and many of its upcoming products have become an important part of Nike's "Move To Zero" series. Among the many styles, Air Force 1 seemed to bear the brunt, and soon appeared in another three-color combination. Compared with the previous color scheme, this color scheme is more playful, combining pink with two shades of olive green. The latter two are easy to steer, with many coverings and tongues dyed. In other places, the flower forms a very subtle relief on the middle panel, which is very loud compared to the above and adjacent white fixtures.