The Air Jordan 1 Mid has actually become a platform for brands to test new ideas. In the latest work, this silhouette goes to great lengths to repeat the theme of "Siempre La Familia" in the most interesting way. Decoration aside, the couple's palette is quite timeless. These panels-alternating between thick suede and textured leather-are connected with red toes and soles to complete a rather unique homage to the "Bred" color scheme. Then, along the Swoosh, the embroidery forms an iconic grid, just like the logos they make wings adjacent to each other, their lines and bright red, yellow and blue show a suitable scene for the Day of the Dead. Finally, the toe box completes the design with similar energy, decorating its edges with small, pointed teeth.

It has been a year since the 25th anniversary of the Nike Air Max 95 was launched, Air Jordan 1 Fearless but it has not been forgotten. Instead, some eye-catching color schemes appeared this year, now including black and yellow styles. At first glance, the color palettes of these two individuals may indicate that they are using the "Ultra" architecture, but careful inspection will dispel this hunch. However, the small arrow on the side toe does provide a non-standard build. The mixture of suede, synthetic leather and canvas, the entire upper is completely black, and the brand is different in contrasting colors. Under the soles of the feet, most sole units choose a black layout, but the heel unit of Air Max provides the most daring style.

2021Sneakers After extensive tuberculosis color matching, Nike KD 14 is back to embrace its more colorful side. In this picture, along with a full-body print, this silhouette expressively shows its neon lights, probably in memory of Durant's late Aunt Pearl. Although “Voranda” is rarely used, it occupies most of the space, almost occupying the entire sole and part of the strap. The sharply contoured appearance of the strap quickly turned bright pink. You can also find matching notes in other places, especially the all-print pattern on the upper, which is incredibly reminiscent of retro wallpaper. Blue, yellow and similar pastel dresses are paired together to create a vibrant floral layout that only stops on the aforementioned blue heel, lining and lace.