Investing in any new power tool is always a tricky process. Usually, it may be a complete minefield, trying to find out whether something will bring a valuable return on investment. In the long run, we are all caught in the trap of buying cheap goods and paying more. I believe most people will agree that as long as you get what you get lasting, you can pay more.

Most of the many multifunctional tools have hedge trimmers, chainsaws, trimmers and brush cutter attachments. In addition, most of them averaged £150, which seems to be a good value for money. Buying these tools separately can easily double the cost immediately.

Although I usually have negative experiences with garden multifunctional tools, I am now the third one! Their value for money and general ability to do the job keeps me coming back. However, in hindsight, if I buy them again, I will consider many different things.

What are multifunctional garden tools?
The garden multifunctional tool is a two-stroke gasoline engine machine that can perform multiple functions in the garden. The engine drives the shaft through the central tube, which can provide power for different work accessories.

These usually include lawn mowers, brush cutters, chainsaws and hedge trimmers. They usually have an extra pole extension to extend long distances. Many garden multifunctional tools on the market also come with hardness and health and safety equipment.
Garden multi-tool
Why should I buy multifunctional garden tools
I recently moved to an agricultural property, and now one-third of the acre garden needs maintenance. I have a background in garden maintenance, so I am familiar with gasoline gardening tools.

I now have a 60-meter-long Leylandii hedge to be trimmed. It is 2 meters high. I also have an 80-meter hawthorn hedge, a small orchard and a 400-meter lawn. I know I have to buy at least a long pole hedge trimmer.

Like many people, my shed has limited space, so I don’t want to mess it up with tools. While browsing Amazon, I came across multiple examples of multi-tools, and I was deeply impressed. I quickly concluded that it is worth betting on the Gasoline Garden multi-tool for cost.
Hedge cutting
My experience in using three garden multifunctional tools.
In general, I would definitely say that my experience with these tools is negative. On the other hand, I let them do a lot of work every time.

I want to say that maybe the garden is bigger than the average person in England. I use them to cut hedges, cut trees, and cut large, mature apple trees.

My first two purchases completed the work, but the third purchase was quickly stopped; the Parker brand is still working well. The reason for this is that I learned something that would help if I knew it from the beginning.

I have learned a lot from my previous experience and frustration using the gasoline garden multi-function tool. First, I simply buy cheap things and work on a professional scale. There are huge hedges and hedges on one-third of my acre, which is too much for them.

I came to the conclusion that there would be no harm in giving another garden multi-function tool as a backup opportunity. Even if I use it cautiously for awkward jobs that require additional coverage.

In hindsight, one of the potential problems I encountered was storing garden multi-tools in a humid environment. Even in sheds built with concrete, cold and humid winter air will enter the working parts.

This can cause a series of problems, including corrosion and electrical failure. If you store multifunctional tools in a shed, consider storing them in airtight containers. By keeping the engine box inside or in a sealed environment, moisture can be prevented from entering.
fuel additive
One of the problems with most gasoline gardening tools is that they can be left unused for a long time. This can cause fuel to remain in the engine for a long time.

This will cause deterioration of fuel performance and corrosion of internal parts. When using garden multifunctional tools, it is best to mix high-quality fuel additives to reduce this risk. This will also extend the service life of gasoline tools to some extent, especially at the lower end of the price.
fuel additive
Make sure you can fix it
One thing to keep in mind when buying any power tool is that it requires some work at some point. Sometimes, the cost of parts and labor may account for a large part of the original cost.

Therefore, this is a good reason to buy a reputable brand and pay a little more. At least make sure you can get the parts, which is not within the scope of economic feasibility.

In my experience, garden multi-tools are very cheap, which is a calculated risk. If you are considering purchasing a multi-function tool, please consider asking the seller for repair information and spare parts.

Visit the garden machine repair shop closest to you and ask them for their recommendations, which is the best. After all, if something goes wrong, they will be the ones who fix it.
Repair shop
Should you buy garden multi-tools?
So I think it's time to make a judgment here. Should you buy garden multi-tools?

If you have a medium-sized garden and do not plan to operate it on a large-scale commercial scale, it should be satisfactory. I find that they do not respond well to heavy gardening projects. If the garden multi-function tool exceeds its capacity, it is only expected to see a good season.

With moderate gardening and proper storage and fuel care, these can last for 4 years or more. In the latter case, they are worth the money. If you have a moderate responsibility for each attachment, it will further support their economic viability.

However, if you want to cut a huge hedge each year, buy a more powerful tool designed specifically for the job. This also applies to chain saw cutting and brush cutting. Anything that simulates business operations every year is too much for a garden multifunctional tool. In the long run, this will inevitably cost more.

Of course, in addition to the use of multifunctional garden machines, automatic chainsaw must be purchased. This is an excellent tool that will help you complete the work well.