The difference between the asbestos gasket and Non-Asbestos Gaskets

  Asbestos fibers are strong and can withstand high temperatures. These fibers are thin and long. Non-Asbestos Gaskets Factory uses graphite, polytetrafluoroethylene, and other materials as reinforcing fibers in gaskets. These fibers have properties such as heat resistance, chemical resistance, and temperature resistance. The properties of these fibers ensure that the performance of the gasket will not be affected by stopping the use of asbestos.

  Asbestos gaskets are made of silicate fibers, while Non-Asbestos Gaskets are made of carbon-based or organic materials. Asbestos gaskets are relatively cheaper than Non-Asbestos Gaskets. Gasket manufacturers have been using different materials to provide their customers with innovative and efficient Non-Asbestos Gaskets, which can be easily customized as needed.

  Non-Asbestos Gaskets are made of organic fiber, aramid fiber, nitrile rubber, and mineral fiber. These can be used in applications that require water or oil resistance. Generally, Non-Asbestos Gaskets are used for low-voltage equipment, transformers, and compressors. They are also used for valve covers and chassis in internal combustion engines where there are easily deformable parts.

  Nowadays, Non-Asbestos Gaskets provided by gasket manufacturers may have certain characteristics of asbestos or better characteristics than asbestos gaskets. Since carbon or organic materials are the basis of Non-Asbestos Gaskets, they are safer to use than asbestos gaskets.

  Asbestos gaskets are still in use all over the world, if not all, they are used to manufacture gaskets in proprietary quantities. Gasket manufacturers who understand the potential risks of asbestos are turning to Non-Asbestos Gaskets. Regulators have also introduced bans and restrictions on the use of asbestos by manufacturers.

  Conscious companies that understand the potential risks of asbestos are innovating new non-asbestos products to effectively meet market requirements in an ethical manner.

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