This threw my boner off to the point of WOW TBC Gold being a complete shock. They're all over town with seemingly random motives. tele here, one line of text, then reverse to where you began. Repeat for 35 levels. Given the poor combat, it's a tough to convince. Take this whole mess and tidy up the combat and you got a wow killer.

It's fun to see that they have cleaned it up a bit and disposed of the majority of basic game sludge. Personally, I don't dislike the game at all. I played it a lot. However, I don't have the time to play with my buddies for a while.

I'm sure I spent longer teleporting around the map than in combat from 1-50. The story is bad, but clicking on the location of the quest and then teleporting will do very little. In earlier WoW there were definitely quests that required you to go around the map. But, is it possible to imagine the storyline of the game taking players from strangle to south shore every quest for 50 levels? There are two buttons that will let you activate a massive gcd after you've entered combat.

Both have flaws I'm certain. FF14 is much more story-driven so unfortunately, the 1-50 grind isn't as easy and required to understand wtf is happening (although levels boosts and other things can be purchased, just like WoW). It was a gruelling task to tidy up the games that were base. The only thing that helped me through the process was that so many said it was going to improve. WoW didn’t need to do this and could trim down their gameplay to a more basic level since the Warcraft series already had provided the base for the story. The vanilla story will be so important in the future.

It wasn't always just going to be a couple buttons with long GCDs, but much as WoW did over time, FF14 needed to change its fundamental gameplay in order to have something new to discover every couple of levels. My white mage comes with about 5-6 bars I have fully equipped with most of the time on. Their level squashes aren't like those in WoW in the past. It means that players must use the same skills while leveling up. This isn't a major issue. The sole real and unavoidable gripe about the game me is PVP. I'll never wrap my head in that mess.

It's important to remember is that they're separate games that accomplish different things better. I'd prefer FF14 over it in the long run because of the more community-oriented along with the story, and the fact that it's really enjoyable once you've explored the expansions. JRPGs have always been a favorite for me, and this game does a great job that I regret not getting into it earlier. WoW's popularity has grown steadily from the its initial release in the last few years. It's really easy to play and will always hit all the nostalgia buttons in me. However, the story is often laughable and sometimes I'd like a little buy WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold more than 10+ year old graphics. There are also that's the obvious, boring, time-gating.