Report on Global Automotive Wire Harnessing Tape

Automotive wire harnessing tape is a material used to bundle up and cover the set of organized wires, connectors, and terminals that run all over the vehicle for relaying power and information. It plays a very important role in connecting different components and providing safety to the automotive. According to BlueQuark Research & Consulting, the global Automotive Wire Harnessing Tape market is expected to witness a moderate growth rate during the forecast period. The market for automotive wire harnessing tape is being driven by the ongoing research and development and the growing need for wire harnessing tape in the automotive industry. However, volatility in the raw material price is expected to hinder the growth of the market.Get more news about Wire Harnessing Tape,you can vist our website!
The global automotive market witnessed a growth of 3% in 2018 as compared to 3.1% in 2017 and slowed down to 1.9% in 2019. Automotive manufacturing industries provide significant revenue globally. In 2020, the global automotive market valued USD 108 billion in revenue. Every year, millions of cars are manufactured worldwide. While the styles, features, and parts may vary, but every vehicle requires a wire harnessing system. The harness connects the wiring throughout the vehicle, powering everything from power steering and headlights to in-dash displays and heated seats. There are many options available for protecting the wires in a vehicle's harness such as zip, plastic conduits, heat-shrink tubing, etc. which ties bundle wire together and provide protection from rough surface, heat, moisture, and chemicals. But they offer little protection or insulation, are time-consuming, and are not as flexible as wire harnessing tape.
Tapes are more flexible and cost-effective than other bundling options because they can be used for protective wrapping, bundling, and sealing. With a wide variety of backings and adhesives, the tape can offer sound dampening, thermal and electrical insulation, and abrasion protection of the same quality as the other methods. Additionally, tapes are more flexible, lighter, and easier to apply than tubing or plastic conduit. This led to the introduction of various products by companies like Scapa 3540 is used to attach a wire harness to the body of the vehicle. This acrylic adhesive offers secured immediate adhesion to rough interior surfaces, Tesa Supersleeve 51036 PV6 is a wire harness tape sleeve designed to wrap lengthwise around wires in the engine compartment, Tesa 51036 is designed for protecting wire harness in the engine compartment of a vehicle, etc. Protecting the wires is crucial for the safety of the vehicle as wires may get exposed to high temperatures, projectiles, and erosive chemicals that cause damage leading to fires, critical malfunctions, and brake failures. Hence, to prevent such issues, wires need to be bundled and covered for safety and the replacement of metal bonding by tape to make automotive light weighted is likely to drive the global automotive wire harnessing tape market.