Features of Commercial Water Dispenser

  In-wall design: Install Commercial Water Dispenser inconvenient commercial spaces such as waiting areas, meeting rooms, lobbies, and lounges.

  Easy to install: suitable for the width and depth of two wall studs close to water and electricity; includes a drip tray with optional drain connection.

  Filter water: NSF-certified filter can reduce lead and harmful pollutants; the filter is installed near the equipment or remotely without a filter panel.

  Filter status light: The colored light indicates when the filter needs to be replaced quickly and easily.

  Bottles saved: The backlit LED green ticker machine counts the number of single-use plastic bottles without plastic bottle waste.

  Convenient and sustainable: The self-service design allows people to collect water on their own in an environmentally friendly way.

  Sensor activation: hands-free filling, automatic timing shut down, helps prevent accidental overflow and confusion.

  Chic shape: The glass front panel and brushed stainless steel design look great in any space; when water is distributed, the interactive lighting will brighten.

  Chiller options: The unit can be installed with or without Commercial Water Dispenser; choose from various chiller options according to capacity.

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