Max, my friend, can explain the concept better. This doesn't mean that you have to play every day RS 2007 Accounts. However, you do need to be online at least part of the time to compete with other players who are competitive. It's like the highest scores belong to those who pay to play and stay on the game all day.

I also asked gamers whether War of Legends would be a hit. They all had varied responses, however the majority consisted of the same basic idea. War of Legends does not stand out, there are plenty of games similar to it online and are well-known. But does that mean it will be an unfavorable experience? "Evony and Civilization, The Sims and similar games have all been success, therefore this one should be success."

This is how you can think about it. There are numerous players. A different viewpoint? "No, it will not be successful. This game is not unusual considering the number of similar games are already in play. It has nothing in terms of combat with its "scissorpaperrock" system.

After the launch of War of Legends, Jagex shocked everybody by supporting what they refer to as "JCredits". This means that you have to spend real money in order to gain an advantage during the game. This seems completely at odds with their policies regarding "real-world trading Buy Old School RuneScape Gold". It is possible to trade game currency with real money. Jagex seems to like this idea as long as they get the cash.