The Injection plastic mold is fairly similar to extrusion moulding. The difference here is that with injection moulding the melted plastic is injected directly into a custom mould. The injection is under high pressure so that the mould is filled and a solid part is made. As with the other methods, after the mould is filled, the plastic is cooled as to keep its new shape and then the mould is opened.

This can be compared to a Jello mould when the mould is filled and then cooled to create the final product.

Common Uses for Injection Moulding
This is a common method to produce a high volume of plastic parts like car parts or even parts for surgical applications. Products can also be made with increased flexibility to suit the needs of designers or engineers.

When it comes to the pricing the moulds can be very expensive because they need to be steel or aluminium for higher strength and durability. Luckily, as with most methods, the cost per unit drops drastically depending on your production volume.

It is also worth noting that tooling can take up to 16 weeks and production up to 4 weeks.

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