This was once used as WOW Classic TBC Gold a farm, when TBC was available. Then, when WoW Tokens came along it was a waste of time to farm to earn gold. The amount of time spent on earning gold and the amount of gold you can earn is vastly different. Even though you claim that you receive 87K per hour you can actually swipe 20 to get 191K (NA) gold. You can also trade the Gold that retails for Classic since it's not against ToS.

This presumes that the individual is actually farming for gold. You weren't thinking of the possibility that it is who is doing it to purchase a token so they can continue to play for free (yes they're a faster way to make money, but what do you think?)

It's been 15 years of content in wow and still a solid community. I recommend giving it to see if you like it, feel the time and effort that went into the game and create your own decision. It's all about what that you go through for yourself, not necessarily the opinions of others. I played legion for the first time and was blown away at how much there was. It's a crack game It's only that because of their greed, Blizzard has kind of damaged a good thing.

MMO games require something that keeps players interested and invested in their "world". This is not just increasing numbers so that they can purchase new equipment that is outdated or irrelevant so that they can buy new gear again. This will cause numbers to rise until they become unusable to the point of infinity.

In the days of release, players would band together to organize massive attacks on cities before the honor system because it was fun and the storyline of the game recommended it. The current situation is that Blizzard has trained players not to do anything until they are rewarded or rewarded, and even then they only do the bare minimum required.

If they saw the numbers go up to the point that they had to squish them to be comprehendible again, that was a pretty clear signal that the game had pretty much taken its course.

I've begun ff14, and so far it's fine. I used to be a big FF fan , but this has changed over time for cheap WOW TBC Gold me. While I play the game almost every day, I don't usually remain for long. I'm not totally deeply immersed in the game just yet.