Do I need Cabinet Baseboard?

  Hmm...probably, yes. Cabinet Baseboard is the recessed area between the cabinet and the floor. This may seem like a silly little design element, but in fact, it is essential for comfortable use of the kitchen counter. When you use the kitchen, it provides an area of ​​activity for your toes, allowing your legs and waist to be flush with the front of the cabinet and the countertop. Without it, your foot would hit the bottom of the cabinet and you would have to stand up from behind the counter to work. The Cabinet Baseboard can comfortably use the entire depth of the counter.

  Cabinet Baseboard molding provides the backside of the skirting board area with the same finished appearance as the rest of the cabinets. It also protects the cabinet base from falling objects, spilled food and liquids, and people kicking toes.

  Aluminum Skirting Board is also our product, welcome to consult and purchase.