Metal Jacketed Gaskets can withstand very high surface pressure to work. The gasket is well-formed and has a very good resistance drift ability.

  In many cases, Metal Jacketed Gaskets have been replaced by cam profile washers due to major technological advances in cam profile gaskets.

  The frame of Metal Jacketed Gaskets is composed of soft ceramic fiber or graphite. The top of the soft frame is a metal surface, and the material is selected according to the working conditions and the hardness of the flange surface.

  In most cases, the dual-sheath coating is used because of its easier handling and better internal resistance. We manufacture metal jacketed gaskets according to EN, ASME, and GOST standards, and customize them according to customers' drawings or dimensions. The geometry of Metal Jacketed Gaskets can vary from circle to rectangle or from ellipse to ellipse.

  If required, we can also use our video measuring equipment to define the washer geometry from the model provided by the customer.

  Advantages of Metal Jacketed Gaskets

  Suitable for high assembly stress.

  Highly resistant to bursting.

  Quick installation and removal.

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