Saliva collectors are common medical consumables. The following briefly introduces their uses and characteristics.


This product is used to collect high-quality DNA/RNA samples in saliva.


1. The collection process is painless and will not cause any damage or discomfort to the human body;

2. The collected samples can be used in various biological experiments such as enzymatic PCR and next-generation sequencing, and are widely used in the collection and preservation of specimens in hospitals, scientific research institutions and families;

3. It can be a perfect substitute for blood DNA/RNA samples, especially suitable for patients who are unwilling or unable to cooperate with blood collection.

4. ITM inactivation preservation solution has the function of inactivating viruses and preventing nucleic acid degradation, which can effectively prevent leakage during transportation and accidental touch during detection;

5. Anti-unscrew tube cap design, the preservation liquid tube cap cannot be unscrewed to prevent the user from unscrewing the solution by unscrewing the tube cap.

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