Using the kitchen can also be a fun thing.

In the new world manufacturing system, players can create items according to their own ideas, and collect the resources they need by exploring and completing tasks in the surrounding world. New world players can use convenient trade skills to make items such as armor, furniture, and tools.
Cooking is one of the most important trading skills. Players can use various foods such as rations and meals obtained by cooking to obtain healing effects, as well as various buffs, some of which can even increase the reputation of the town.
Below, I will take you through some essential cooking basics.

Collection of ingredients
In the new world, players need to collect ingredients to make recipes. There are three main ways to obtain the ingredients for making recipes: buying fruits and vegetables from farm stalls, killing animals and collecting their meat, and collecting herbs and shrubs. Then, according to the recipe, make the corresponding food.
It should be noted that in the process of collecting rewards from animals with skinning knives, it is best not to steal other people's recent achievements. Through dead animals, players can harvest first-class meat such as pork or poultry, as well as high-level meat such as red meat or venison. If you want to collect fish, you need to catch it by fishing.
In addition, by collecting skills, players can get other parts for making recipes. In the wild, berries and herbs can be found. You can fight against enemy NPCs in various agricultural landmarks in the world to obtain larger New World Coins items, such as fruits and vegetables.
In different landmarks, there are also supply boxes containing ingredients. When your ingredients are collected or stored, you can start cooking.
After creating the game character, you can learn four basic methods of making food for recovery through tutorials.
In the process of making certain foods, there will be cooking points and experience rewards.
When the player's cooking level reaches level 5, the way to make flour, butter and cheese can be unlocked. After that, you can also unlock some food recipes that reward more points for trade skills at level 20, which can bring you more benefits.
When upgrading to level 40, players can unlock attribute foods that bring various long-term benefits to themselves. The higher your cooking level, the more types of attribute foods you can unlock.
Because most of these recipes require specific items that are irreplaceable, they are not as easy to make as some standard recipes, but they will give players many cooking points.
There is another thing worth noting. At the town committee of your settlement, you may need to submit some carefully prepared food to meet the requirements of a specific task.
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