Animal Crossing: New Horizons is amongst the biggest games on Switch. It has a huge following and many players prefer to play it every day. Some people want to interact with villagers, and some want to collect DIY recipes.

DIY recipes are a kind of craftsman in New Horizons. Users can use the collected materials or furniture to make recipes on the DIY workbench. In addition, you can choose to Buy Animal Crossing Bells on ACItems in exchange for materials. Interestingly, YouTuber Crossing Channel found a lot of changes in DIY recipes in the 1.11 update. In addition, the recent update also introduced brand new DIY recipes in the game.

Most New Horizons fans may already know the treasure island that the people who own the modified switch mainly host. They let players collect a bunch of DIY recipes and even some recipes that are inaccessible. Interestingly, many users are not aware that there are inaccessible DIY recipes in the game; these are usually included in the bundle, or your avatar may learn them through natural methods.

These islands have their own inaccessible DIY recipes for you to collect. Unfortunately, Nintendo seems to have decided to oppose this idea because it made some changes to the 1.11 update that affected players who once hosted these islands. However, hosting Treasure Island violates Nintendo's rules, and it has punished many users in the past.

Of course, if every user decides to use a modified version of the game, it will leave a bad impression. Therefore, Nintendo makes these items more difficult to access, because now you can't just pick them and bring them back to your island. We cannot blame the developers for this, because these projects are not accessible in the first place. Surprisingly, if you encounter these DIY recipes, you can still learn.

Naturally, it gives a poor impression if every user decides to use a modded version of the game. Thus, Nintendo has made these items more inaccessible as now you can't just pick them and bring them back to your island. We can't blame developers for this, as these items were never meant to be accessible in the first place. Surprisingly, you can still learn these DIY recipes if you ever encounter one.

In addition, the developers have also introduced new DIY recipes in New Horizons. You can learn about them by talking to your villagers. In order to collect them, you may need to travel until October. To save time, you can Buy Bells Animal Crossing, we support real-time chat and continuously improve the quality of service to help players better enjoy the leisure time of Animal Crossing.